Hunter Patterson of the Property Advocates Provides Tips To Manage Your Law Firms Social Media - Social Media Explorer
Hunter Patterson of the Property Advocates Provides Tips To Manage Your Law Firms Social Media
Hunter Patterson of the Property Advocates Provides Tips To Manage Your Law Firms Social Media

Maintaining a vibrant social media presence is important for any business, but especially so for law firms. Hunter Patterson, the President and CEO of The Property Advocates, points out that social media platforms are integral to any legal marketing strategy.

Firms that don’t maintain a positive presence on social media could be losing out on potential clients who need your services. There are literally billions of worldwide users across all the major social media platforms, providing limitless potential for you to increase your reach and your website traffic.

Below are some tips for managing your law firm’s social media pages.

Set a Social Media Policy

Before you even start posting on social media, it’s a good idea to have an effective policy for managing your pages. Things can move quickly online, so it’s advantageous to have a blueprint for what you’re going to do before these things happen.

Setting a social media policy will allow you to always stay on brand and within the firm’s standards and voice, no matter who is managing the page. The policy should outline basics such as words/phrases to use and/or avoid general strategies and approaches to do what and how the team will communicate.

Build Trust Through Education

People who are searching for legal help are often in a vulnerable position. They want to find someone they can trust and be guided down the right path in their case.

Law firms can build this trust by educating potential clients on their social media pages. Create informative content that positions you and your attorneys as thought leaders and experts in your practice areas. This content can be linked to blogs on your website or short videos.

“The content you post on social media should be short and sweet and provide answers to common questions about relatively minor issues in law,” said Hunter Patterson of The Property Advocates. “The idea is to build trust with potential clients and answer their bigger and unique legal questions in a consultation.”

Stay Up to Date

Social media can be a great way to boost your law firm’s visibility, but it can also be detrimental if your pages look old and out of date. Today, social media platforms serve as the first impression that many of your potential clients get of your practice. So, not only must your pages be designed well, but you also must show that you’re up to date and even ahead of the times.

The major social media platforms are constantly adding and changing features, providing users with more ways to reach people on the platform. Law firms should not only know what these new features are, but they should be bold in adopting them early and integrating them into their strategy.

Hunter Patterson says that law firms can show that they’re active and engaged on social media by trying out some of these new features as they’re released.

Know Which Platforms to Use and How to Use Them

Law firms often go with LinkedIn first since it’s a professional social media environment. It’s a great start, as users will expect to see your firm and attorneys create profiles that will showcase experience and achievements. Hunter has found Postali’s “Social Content Strategy Guide,” to be a reliable resource for his law firm to do just that. The guide recommends highlighting recent case wins, posting firm news and updates, and publishing open positions, new hires, and promotions.

“Our talented staff at The Property Advocates have learned the importance of creating these types of posts to shine a spotlight on the incredible work we do on behalf of our clients,” Patterson says. “Over time, we’ve found this approach can even improve website traffic and client leads.”

Your firm also shouldn’t ignore Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Facebook allows users to get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of your firm, Postali says. Twitter can help you add value to the brand by engaging with other users. And Instagram can help you gain more exposure and get engagement with potential clients.

The key to it all is to cater the content — both the type and format — to what works best on each individual platform. 

About Hunter Patterson

As President and Chief Executive Officer of The Property Advocates, Hunter Patterson offers distinctive leadership and top results to clients and stakeholders. Hunter aims to level the playing field between insurance companies and policyholders through consistent education, empowerment, and professional excellence. Hunter has earned the prestigious CPCU insurance designation and graduated Magna Cum Laude as well as Valedictorian of his class at the Barry University School of Law.

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