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Instagram Hashtag Generator: +89% Higher Reach In A Month
Instagram Hashtag Generator: +89% Higher Reach In A Month

When you get started with Instagram marketing, the primary thing you need is genuine followers interested in your products and services. You can buy Instagram ads to win the target audience, but I know one free and tested tool. Instagram hashtag generator by Toolzu has recently exploded my Insta-bakery with:

  • posts reach boost by 89%
  • +34-50 new followers per day;
  • X3 impressions growths. 

What is the secret? I can’t keep you waiting anymore – I simply found niche hashtags tied with my area, discovered the best proportion of hashtags, and put them in the post caption consistently. 

Disclaimer: don’t expect instant effect from hashtags. You should test the combinations to figure out the best working hashtags for your audience. And yes, broad hashtags as #like4like won’t boost the organic post reach, leave them for the past. 

After reading this 3-minutes guide with real examples and screenshots, you can get even higher results. Ready to give it a shot?

How to use Instagram Hashtags Generator – best practice 

I’ll teach you on with a personal example. I should warn you  – the process is as simple as ABC. Even my child can use the hashtag search. 

Step #1 Sign up for free

Open the Hashtags finder in a new tab and register – it takes 2 minutes. You can use this tool 7 days for free. Believe me or not, this is the best Hashtag Generator I’ve tried. The only tool you can find hashtags on any language, view the expected time in the TOP and try the AI-search. 

Step #2 Indicate keywords

Now you need to type up to 5 keys in the hashtag research bar. Or move to the alternative keys-free search I describe further. Like me:

My kind reminder – use different keywords for every product/ service you offer. It makes sense to create various keywords groups relevant to each photo. For example, I make birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and cupcakes, so I do separate research for each group. 

Hack: type also keywords connected to your location. I do home-made bakery in Maryland so that I also put 4-5 location-specific hashtags. Thus, people who live nearby discover my bakehouse. 

Search without keys – AI-algorithm 

If the guesswork is time-consuming for you, take advantage of the robust AI Hashtags generator. There Are two ways on how to do this:

  • By a link to your post. You can generate hashtags for the media you’ve already uploaded to your account. Copy the URL address in the browser and paste it in the URL search. Simple: 

Upload an image. Alternatively, you can upload a picture from your device, and the AI-mechanism suggests you the hashtags after scanning. 

Now let’s figure out how to make a perfect mixture of hashtags that are working. There are several tricks you should know, don’t mark the checkboxes randomly. 

Step #3 Combine hashtags in the right proportion 

Toolzu creators separated hashtags by groups regarding the difficulty of staying in the TOP of Instagram. This is super convenient. Let me clarify the difference between High, Medium, and Low difficult hashtags:

  • High hashtags – check 1-3 of this group. The point is it’s difficult to appear in the TOP feed of these hashtags for more than 5-15 minutes. They are spammy, and new posts appear every second. Interested clients don’t regularly follow these tags. But we need them in the set for variety. 
  • Medium hashtags – check 7-13 of this group. Medium hashtags are not that spammy but still hard to compete. Your post can appear in the TOP for 5-10 hours. We also need them in the mix. 
  • Low hashtags – check 12-16. Hashtags from this group are easy to appear in the TOP section. They are niche and drive target viewers who are interested in your content and goods. People usually follow these tags. 

Attention: add hashtags in the caption, not in comments. Otherwise, the post reach won’t improve. 

Now you have in-depth insight on how to mix hashtags like a pro. Save each combination in a document or a posting plan. Let’s continue the discovery. 

Step #4 Create several sets 

Don’t stop as long as one set is ready – you need a unique one for every picture you post. I mean, you should change the order of hashtags, monitor, and add new to the combination. If you copy 30 hashtags from post to post, they won’t work.

In a document or content plan mark, the hashtags resulted in higher reach, engagement, and impression. 

Step #5 Track the statistics

If you have already switched to a business IG profile, you are familiar with posts analytics. In the post insights, you need to estimate the traffic from hashtags. It’s essential to understand the effectiveness of the hashtags to highlight your best. 

Don’t give up and try a different set if one wasn’t traffic-boosting. 

Extra hack: branded navigation hashtags 

If you offer different product groups, let the viewers navigate easily through your posts via hashtags. For example, I make birthday, wedding cakes, cupcakes, and customized pastry. I used this recipe to name by branded tag:

#username+product type

For example – #sophie_birthdaycake, #sophie_weddingcake, #sophie_cupcakes, #sophie_custom

My clients love this – they can find products they are interested in one click. 

Bonus tools for your promotion

If you explore Instagram marketing platform Toolzu, you’ll find more handy instruments. What I use:

  • Analyzer of profiles

I scan competitors and leading influencers in my field – bakery. I advise you to do the same. Just copy a user nickname and view:

  • the hashtags TOP profiles use to take;
  • most liked posts to grab concepts for your plan;
  • schedule of posting to determine your strategy. 

The analyzer helps me to improve my content plan, explore trends, and stay on the cusp. 

  • The downloader of IG content

Sometimes I need to save Instagram videos, bakery tutorials, and tips on my device so that I can review them offline. Toolzu lets you download posts, IGTV, Stories for free. Just copy the link to a profile you need: 


The wrapping up

I believe the free Instagram marketing toolkit will improve your strategy and help you to gain more views. Finally, during the first month of use, I managed to boost my Instagram-based sales by 89%, and I hope you’ll reach even higher results. My final advice – never stop testing new hashtags under your posts, analyze influencers in your niche, and come up with exciting content ideas. Try Toolzu to get your niche photography hashtags! 

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