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Learn How to Write Awesome Social Media Press Release
Learn How to Write Awesome Social Media Press Release

A press release is one of the best ways to get your message out there. Social media press releases are designed to complement traditional press releases. This short guide is designed to help you write a social press release and avoid common mistakes when creating one.

What Is a Social Media Press Release?

Social media press releases are all about targeting bloggers, consumers, and journalists. You need to design them in a way that makes sense to these different groups of people. The social media release would be close to your original intent and would have what is necessary to share and discover the story in a way that complements it.

The tool that is used to spread these stories is social media, which is a big extension to the web. It promotes content and voices in ways that focus on people and their social networks.

The Main Components of a Social Media Press Release

The headline needs to be brief. It should get to the point. Some main keywords will get the job done. A secondary headline is optional; this would be a good time to drop an important piece of information that you think would be appealing to your readers.

The next part is the overview; this is going to give a quick summary of the purpose of the release. This overview should be under two paragraphs and contain keywords. You must be concise in these paragraphs since this is the point where you will either hook or lose your reader.

The body of the release should contain the news. The facts should be laid out without any bias. To create this part well, try to think of how a journalist would do it. Think of the who, what, why, where, when, and how.

The next portion is adding some bullet points or statistical data that backs up the facts you mentioned above. You want this information to be shareable.

You can then add a brief section about the company. This bio would contain links that would take readers to your Facebook fan page, website, or Twitter feed. You also want to contain multimedia links to show that your release is a useful resource.

Make sure to include your contact information at the end. You want to include your name, email address, and anything else a person could use to get in contact with you. Sharing this information with others adds more credibility to your social media press release.

Avoid These Common Mistakes

Make sure that the release focuses on the service or product you are offering, not so much on your company. Make sure that the tone of the release is conversational. You don’t want it to be full of marketing jargon.

While you likely want to appeal to a broad audience, it’s better to focus on creating a release that appeals to specific consumers and bloggers.

Getting Your Release out There

There are lots of ways to share your press release. Simply sending a press release to a journalist may work. You can use a paid or a free service to get your message distributed.

You want to focus on one that is specifically designed for your campaign. Put it in networks where the right people will be looking for it.

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