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LinkedIn’s New Retargeting Options Offer New Opportunities for Savvy Marketers
LinkedIn’s New Retargeting Options Offer New Opportunities for Savvy Marketers

Facebook has historically been the preferred social networking site for marketers. However, in recent years, marketers have discovered the advantages of a number of other sites as well. LinkedIn has become one of the best marketing platforms for B2B businesses. 

LinkedIn is committed to offering new features and solutions for its customers. The social networking site recently announced that it is introducing some promising new retargeting tools. Video advertisers will be able to leverage retargeting capabilities to boost the ROI of their campaigns. This new feature should prove invaluable to countless video marketers trying to reach a B2B audience. 

Marketers might find a number of new opportunities to use this new tool. It may be especially useful during the pandemic, since they can use it to promote important products like social distancing stickers

LinkedIn‘s new retargeting capabilities should be encouraging for video marketers 

LinkedIn has historically been one of the best social media sites for B2B marketers. According to HootSuite, a LinkedIn ad can reach 12% of the entire global population. Surveys of B2B marketers have found that 94% of them use the site for content marketing and 89% use it for lead generation. 

The value of reaching other businesses on LinkedIn is quite clear. However, a lot of these benefits have traditionally boiled down mostly to the specialized demographic of the website. Since LinkedIn is a community of white-collar professionals, marketers didn’t need to experiment as much with their targeting to find the right sweet spots. They also weren’t competing with 7 million advertisers like Facebook marketers, which means that advertising costs tend to be lower as well. 

LinkedIn did not have such a strong advantage when it came to technical capabilities. The professional networking site usually lags Facebook with rolling out similar features. Facebook has allowed advertisers to use video retargeting since around 2015. LinkedIn did not announce a similar feature until this week.

This is going to be a big deal for the savviest video marketers that use LinkedIn. If you’re still skeptical of the benefits, then you should keep reading below. 

Retargeting offers incredible opportunities to boost ROI 

Retargeting has been a valuable advertising feature for several years. However, some advertisers are still skeptical of its benefits. 

You will be more likely to appreciate the benefits of retargeting if you read the following statistics: 

One of the biggest reasons that marketers are reluctant to use retargeting is that they fear it will alienate customers. One survey by CMO found this is not the case. The survey found that 25% of Internet users actually enjoy seeing retargeting ads, because they remind them about the benefits of the company. Another 60% of Internet users are indifferent about them. This means that the number of online consumers that enjoy seeing retargeting ads outnumber those that dislike them by a factor of 5 to 3. 

Conversion rates are much higher with retargeting ads. One study found that website visitors that see a retargeted ad are 43% more likely to convert. They are also 70% more likely to choose that product over a competitor. 

Retargeted ads tend to have higher engagement rates. This can help boost quality scores on advertising platforms where they are relevant, which provides greater visibility of the ad overall.

Retargeting ads are even more powerful when used with video marketing. Video marketing is especially powerful with B2B marketing. This is why 71% of B2B marketers use videos like this to reach their audiences. 

LinkedIn has provided more content marketing opportunities for its advertisers. Video has proven to be an excellent type of content for marketers using the platform. Although most video marketers focus primarily on YouTube, LinkedIn is becoming another popular channel to syndicate video content. Around 51% of video marketers use LinkedIn video advertising. 

LinkedIn‘s new video retargeting option will open many new doors for these marketers. They should notice a substantial increase in their ROI after utilizing this new feature.

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