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OTT Advertising & Marketing – What Businesses Need to Know
OTT Advertising & Marketing – What Businesses Need to Know

What is OTT Advertising?

Over the top advertising is the new generation of advertising, which uses a set-top box that streams video content on-demand via media service. The OTT device is a device that is plugged into your traditional television and stream you shows and series through a media service. You can choose between your packages.

The OTT users choose the ad packages on their devices. OTT advertising is better because it is showing you advertisements according to your demographics, the content you watch, or your geographic location.

There are many benefits of OTT  and CTV advertising, one of them being it shows your accurate statistics. You can see all the details about your ad. You can see the number of people who viewed your ad, the number of clicks on the ad, the most engaging point of the ad, the number of people who became a lead the number of people who bought your product through internet. 

Places to publish your OTT Advertisement

The OTT advertisement is also known as a subscription of on-demand video content. These services may be offering you different video content like movies, television content, which might be consisting of existing series of all-new series which are not available on television or might not pass as television content. 

OTT advertisements can be released on different OTT services. These services contain.

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Itune
  • Apple tv
  • PlayStation Vue 
  • Sling TV
  • YouTube Premium
  • Disney+
  • Google play movies & TV
  • YouTube TV & many more
  • Amazon Prime

All these services have distinctive types of shows and content to show. All the services target a different audience. The audiences may be targeted according to different attributes. 

Difference between Premium and Free Platforms

As advertisements are like an interruption between your video content there are services like Netflix which is premium services. The premium services promise the users content that is ad-free. 

Whereas, platforms that provide you with content which comes for free will have ads on it. These services include YouTube, Newsy, Crackle, Cheddar and many more. 

Both platforms have their distinctive features. The premium service will give you interruption-free entertainment and on the other hand, the other platforms will give you a premium service with small ads free. The choice is yours with what you prefer.


The businesses around the world should know that OTT advertising is the future of all marketing services. Traditional television commercials are very costly. They require a whole chunk of your investments whereas OTT advertisement will cost a fraction of that. 

The OTT commercials are better because they will be providing you with an exact statistic that will let you know your audience better and you will know about your future techniques and promotions better. You can also know the future trends of the market. The OTT advertising will suit any business better becaus there is a whole chunk of traffic that only has access to OTT and CTV.

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