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Taking social media advertising to the next level
Taking social media advertising to the next level

Working in social media advertising is a demanding career path (to say the least). You are wholeheartedly dedicated to bringing concepts and ideas to the attention of millions of social media users, through the carefully curated and well-structured social media advertising plans that you have worked to configure. In a considerably short time, social media has bloomed and flourished to become a global platform for not only social connection, but advertising genius.

Having decided to build your career in this field, it is now up to you to continue coming up with fresh twists that set your clients’ advertising apart from what is becoming an exceedingly competitive online marketplace. You have mastered the basics. They all feel old, stale now. You want a new approach, but when you are so familiar, so skillful at all the standards, where do you even begin?

Brainstorm new ways to (re)connect with audiences

As you are well aware, there is a way to advertise anything through social media these days. Whether it be a novated lease opportunity with a local car manufacturer, or a new organic cosmetics line, or any other number of business ideas, you can literally advertise and market anything through social media these days. Audiences have seen it all. Social media advertising is becoming so common that most efforts blur together, having little to no impact on the users seeing them.

So, work first with finding new ways to reconnect with your audiences. Having lost touch with them does not make you inadequate at your job, it just means that the landscape is changing again. Try working with graphic design-based advertisements. These are a pop of unique colour to the eye, rather than the same old pictures and text every other business is using to attempt to get the attention of audiences. Just one brainstorming idea, graphic design is also one of the most influential up-and-coming top advertising approaches.

Embrace a more personal approach

There is a very good reason that social media is often referred to as the ultimate multitool of the digital era. As a social media advertising professional, you want your efforts to engage with people, to draw their attention and make them click in to take a closer look. Taking a personal approach is perfect. Do your research. What does your main demographic look like? Try using guerrilla advertising to bring together a collective ad that highlights their inclusion in the company from the inside, not just from the outside. Make them feel like they are part of the story.

Use video case studies for maximum impact

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, if that is true, then a video must be worth at least ten thousand words, right? Rather than using stock images and company photoshoots as the baseline of your social media advertising efforts, try switching to video footage. Video footage is exciting because it takes the same concept and flips it on its back. Video is edgy, not as common. You can be more personal, more acute, more detailed, through video.

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