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The Power of Promoted Carousel Ads on Pintrest
The Power of Promoted Carousel Ads on Pintrest

Stunning the advertising and marketing world this past Thursday, the social media giant Pinterest unveiled their heavily researched and vetted Promoted Carousel ad technology that will empower any and all brand offerings to give the consumer up to five distinct and separate images at any time, on any device — desktop, laptop, or mobile.  

This revolutionary new advertising technique has been embraced by some of the biggest brand names around. They know a good thing when they see it. Brands jumping on the Promoted Carousel bandwagon as of right now include General Mills cereals such as Cheerios, Toyota, Everlane, and the magazine Covergirl. The multi-image strategy, one that requires nothing on the part of the consumer besides a quick click, is ideal for brands that want to impress on consumers the many facets and benefits of their product. Pinterest has given the marketing world a great new tool in the never ending conflict between consumer engagement and consumer overload.

Though somewhat similar to other carousel ads on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, the Pinterest Carousel ad allows advertisers to provide direct information to a landing page along with a distinct and unique title for each and every product graphic that is being marketed. Making the relevancy of your landing pages even more crucial; especially in b2b industries like fax online and others. 

Here’s the best part: the displayed ads in a consumer’s feed will be as easy and clear as any regular Pin — however, users can now swipe right through the graphics or images that are already directly on their feed, or, if they want, they can tap to exhibit any one of up to 5 images, and then launch right to the landing page.

The Pinterest marketing and advertising departments decided to give a select few big name brands an early opportunity to try out the new technology on their Pinterest accounts. Companies such as REI and Everlane, according to lift studies conducted by Millward Brown and Associates, were able to see an almost twelve point lift in awareness of their ads, and nearly 9 percent lift for message association.

Jacyn Ruckle, the social media manager of REI, was happy to report that their brand’s campaign on Promoted Carousel consistently delivered a much higher click through rate and deeper engagement than previous ad campaigns on Pinterest.

Ruckle went on to say that the Pinterest Promoted Carousel strategy allowed them to bring up several experiences and products in the same place for a better engagement mindset among Pinterest viewers. She claims that the engagement rate was so much stronger with the Promoted Carousel than without it that they registered a thirty-two percent increase in their click-through rate.

And that’s not all:

The Covergirl magazine company reports that they earned a nearly four point lift in their brand awareness, as well as a little over six points of lift in advertising awareness for their TruBlend foundation marketing campaign.

The DSW people say that Promoted Carousel ads on Pinterest for their latest back-to-school sale netted an ad performance improvement of twenty percent.

And Everlane reports that their company experienced a three-fold improvement in consumer engagement on their Pinterest Promoted Carousel advertising showcase, as compared to their traditional brand campaigns on Pinterest.

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