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Top 5 Tips to Create a Successful PPC Campaign
Top 5 Tips to Create a Successful PPC Campaign

There is nothing more rewarding for your business than a successful PPC campaign. PPC simply means pay per click. It is an advertising strategy that has been around now for quite a long period. PPC campaign is meant to drive traffic to a website which helps to make businesses to continue growing. However, it’s not always easy to get things right when running a PPC campaign and that’s why it needs perfection. The success of any PPC campaign depends on a number of things. Below are five useful tips for creating an effective PPC campaign for both beginners and experienced PPC marketers.

Start with a strong account

Social media monitoring campaigns that are a success can be credited to their solid foundations. The choice of keywords and their relevance to each other make a strong PPC account. Begin by constructing different campaigns focused on every product, service, or whatever it is that you are trying to advertise. Each ad group should have at most 30 keywords. Limit your campaign to around three ads for every ad group that uses keywords within the ad text. Most importantly, you should have the searcher’s interests in mind so that all keywords, ads, and landing pages end up being highly relevant to one another.

Conversion tracking

When you are run PPC campaigns, make sure that you run them with conversion tracking. There are people who spend years and years without linking their PPC accounts with conversion tracking. These people either gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns by following their instincts or end up struggling with Google Analytics forever. If you are a marketer, you need to know what happens after a particular user clicks on your ad. Does he make any purchase? If yes, then which ad campaign influenced him? These are questions that get easily answered when you run your PPC campaigns with conversion tracking.

Expand your negative keyword list

Keep track of your PPC campaign for words or phrases, that when used by a searcher, prevent your PPC ad from showing up. These are known as negative keywords. Create a negative keyword list to make sure that your ads reach your target market. But also, you need to be careful as putting too many keywords can result in fewer impressions and click-throughs. With a well implemented negative keyword, it improves your result and also saves you money as well.

Stop using low-performing keywords

In your campaign, you should stop using low-performing keywords. Low performing keywords are those that have a low search volume or high search volume but still aren’t getting enough traffic, or the keywords that are getting plenty of impressions but few click-throughs and conversions. It’s important to give keywords a few days to gather data so you can better assess if they are indeed performing poorly. Also, check to see why these keywords have a poor performance and see if you can do anything to improve them.¬†

Always work to optimize your PPC ads

For a PPC campaign to be successful, you have to work hard. It involves continually improving and optimizing ads. You have to test your ads regularly and tweak them so that they perform better. It also helps to use site link extensions because they improve click rates and traffic. At the beginning of the campaign, use two different ads for desktops and two different ads for mobile platforms to check the one that performs better. Include discounts, special offers, and other benefits you are willing to provide in your ad. But make sure that your ad copy is clear, concise, and that it includes a call to action.

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