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Why You Should Be Investing In Social Paid Advertising
Why You Should Be Investing In Social Paid Advertising

On average, one in every five adults spends approximately 40 hours online every week.  Of this time, social media captures 33% of it. Further, 37% of the people who shop online admit that they get their inspiration from social media.  Additionally, consider that 72% of online consumers wish that their favorite brands would share discounts and sales on social media.

If you are a business that is yet to take social media advertising seriously, these figures show social media is a platform which you cannot continue to ignore. If you want to get the best results, consider social media paid advertising to organic advertising. While you might have to cough a few dollars at the start, the results are well worth it.

In this article, we give you reasons why you should adopt a paid approach to your social media advertising.

Increases Your Reach

Social media is vast, and it can be difficult to build a loyal audience using organic ways of advertising. The average social media user sees tons of free ads on their feed daily. These ads are often irrelevant and annoying. It is no brainer that if you choose to use this kind of advertising you are likely to be ignored.

On the other hand, paid advertising can help you reach more potential customers.  Because you will be paying to reach a specific audience, your ads are likely to be relevant to the users. Additionally, if your content is great, your audience will be engaged by it. Such users can share your content with others and refer their friends to your brand. The result will be increased conversion.

Exposes Your Brand

Today, social media marketing is very competitive.  If you do not use the right strategies, you will lose big. Accelerated growth is slow for brands that rely solely on organic social media advertising. However, paid social media ads provide results very fast. This strategy allows your ads to reach thousands of target audience in a short time. If you are regularly posting great content to the right audience, people are likely to take notice. Great, informative and relevant content drives engagement.

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Consider that 4 in 10 internet users follow their favorite brands on social media. If your adverts are attention-grabbing and relevant, your audiences will most likely share it with others increasing your brand awareness. Paid social media marketing also allows you to get insights and feedback from a genuine audience which can help you adjust to their needs.

Get Value for Your Money

The major reason you should choose paid social media ads over organic ads is increased sales. If you use the former advertising the right way, you will see results in no time. This kind of advertising provides you with algorithms that can help you track your progress. Thus, you will be aware if the advertising is bearing results. If it is not working, you can always change your strategy for better results.

Further, many of the social media platforms allow you to pay for ads only if your target audience clicks on your ad. You are also in control of how much you spend on this strategy unlike other paid advertising options where you can spend thousands of dollars with little or no results to show for it.

Better Targeting

Most of the social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram allow you to use paid ads that target your customers. You can use demographics such as interests, location, and age. Further, with the ability to create look-alike audiences, boost ads among other paid advertisements options, the like hood that you will reach a larger target audience is much higher. This means that your ads will be seen by those who are likely to be interested in what you are selling.

Other social media paid advertising options will give you a chance to retarget those who have already bought from you or visited your site. A good example is the use of the Facebook retargeting pixel that allows previous visitors of your site to see ads from your brand.  Such targeting and retargeting paid options ensures you build a loyal audience.

Easy Accessibility to Mobile Users

Statistics show that 80% of the time the average online users spends on social media is spent on a mobile device. Other statistics show that 84% of online consumers aged between 18 and 29 will use their mobile phones when shopping. While 78% of consumers aged between 30 and 44 years will use their mobile devices rather than desktop computers to make an online purchase.  Thus, whichever age group you are targeting, you cannot afford to ignore mobile users.

Social paid advertising allows you to tailor your ads for a specific device. You can edit the size, imagery, language,  or the content of your ad to suit mobile users. For instance, you can tailor your ad on Facebook for mobile or desktop users.

However, organic advertising gives you very few options when it comes to being creative and editing your ads. Due to the high competition in social media marketing, mobile users will often ignore organic ads since they are not in their taste.


In conclusion, having an online presence is no longer enough for your brand. You have to invest some money and time to reap the rewards of online advertising. Paid social media advertising results in more business and better customer targeting. Additionally, it also increases your sales, exposes your brand and allows you to access your mobile customers easily.

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