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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Music Streaming Advertising
Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Started in Music Streaming Advertising

Are you looking to advertise your business?

Starting companies get the chance to make a name for themselves through advertisements. Popular brands use them to promote a new product or to keep themselves active in the market.

There are many ways for you to advertise nowadays. There are even more avenues thanks to the Internet. Because advertising is an ever-changing culture, though, there’s no telling where a great place to advertise would be.

Only music streaming advertising remains stable throughout the changes in advertising. This is because people love listening to music while doing their tasks. This makes these platforms a great spot to put an advertisement.

Read on to learn how you can get started on advertising on these platforms.

Basics of Running Ads on Music Streaming Platforms

Registering for ads in any of the top music streaming platforms will be the same as anything. You need to pay a fee first to get your advertisements running on their website.

Each website’s price will differ from one another, as you can expect. Some websites have a larger reach than others, and they will affect their rates.

You then have to decide on whether you want visual ads or video ads. This is where you’ll decide on how your ad campaign will be.

Visual ads are easier to run on these platforms. They’re cheaper and will be on display more often than other ads.

Video ads are more engaging than visual ads. Succeeding with these is tricky, though. It depends on the user whether they enjoy having ads before their songs play.

Top Music Streaming Websites

What’s great about advertising on music streaming platforms is that there are a lot of websites to choose from. Here are the websites with the most active users.

1. YouTube

YouTube has been the best media streaming website to date. They stream everything from short videos to full-length tutorials. They’re also a hotspot for music videos and lyric videos alike.

Most people add them to playlists to play one after the other. After a song ends, YouTube may play an advertisement following it. These can also play before a song starts.

These advertisements are often short enough to finish before the user skips them. This system makes it possible for you to get your advertisement in without being too much of a disruption for the listener.

2. Spotify

Spotify is the hottest music streaming platform right now. Running an advertisement campaign on this platform is a guaranteed way to get a fast return on your investment. It also has a worldwide reach, which means you can get traffic from anyone. You can visit StreamDigic to learn more about Spotify promotion.

As you can expect, though, it costs a lot to get an advertisement running on Spotify. The price will be worth it, though, when you discover that Spotify advertising is diverse and effective.

3. Pandora

Pandora is smaller compared to Spotify, but it is a rising star that’s gaining popularity. Pandora’s gimmick is that it’s like the radio stations of old. There’s no way for people to control the next song that will play.

Pandora offers them different radio stations to choose from, instead. Users choose a radio station they like and they listen to songs related to the station’s name. This makes it easy for you to do a targeted ad campaign on this platform.

You’ll be able to craft a campaign that can appeal to the people who like the specific music. It will be easier to get a return on investment on this platform if you know how to craft a great ad.

Benefits of Music Streaming Advertising

Why should you consider music advertising on these platforms? Consider some of the reasons to start an advertising campaign on these websites here:

1. Broader Audience

As mentioned above, Spotify has a worldwide reach. This is reason enough for most businesses to run an ad on the platform. If you can’t afford their advertising package, though, other streaming services offer a similar package for cheaper.

While you won’t get the worldwide reach that Spotify has, having a reach large enough to cover your country is enough to get traffic going to your website. This will also help your local presence strong.

2. Next to No Ad Competition

What’s great about these platforms is that your ad won’t get overshadowed by another ad. Pandora is a good example of this because it gives each time to run. The platform also runs an ad only once at a time.

Doing this means that no other ad will bury yours. This makes it more noticeable and gives a higher chance of ad success.

Tips for Advertising on Music Streaming Platforms

Advertising isn’t enough to guarantee traffic generation. The ad must be a great one to get people to notice it. Here’s how you can make it an engaging and effective ad.

1. Keep Your Advertisements Short

Length is the essence of a great ad. People don’t want to listen to a minute-long ad about something they’re not interested in. Even if they like the product, they’ll get annoyed by how long the ad is after they’ve seen it a lot.

This is a great reason for you to practice making short advertisements. Keep it as short as 6 seconds if you have little to say. If you have a lot to talk about, keep it under 30 seconds.

2. Create a Catchy Advertisement

If you plan on using more visual ads than video ads, it’s important to make it noticeable. This comes down to how you design your ad. Using boring colors will make it less engaging, causing it to generate less traffic.

Use vibrant colors instead. Some colors stand out against certain ones. Knowing your color palettes can help you create an eye-catching ad.

3. Don’t Forget to Put Your CTA

A great ad can become useless if you don’t put a CTA. Your call to action must get listeners to your website for your ad to be effective. Not having one makes people forget about your advertisement after their song plays.

Putting a CTA is also a great way to provide a great transition to the next song.

Start Advertising on Music Streaming Platforms Today

Getting started in music streaming advertising is a great way to get a business going. Run your ads today to reap the rewards as soon as possible!

That said, advertising isn’t the only marketing step you have to go through. There are more steps to get your brand out there and increase traffic to your business site. For more tips and tricks, feel free to check out our other walkthroughs here today!

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