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2021 Online Fashion Trends
2021 Online Fashion Trends

2020 was a year with a lot of discomforts for many, so it’s only fitting that 2021 fashion takes a turn towards styles that are more comfortable than ever before. Helen Lee Schifter, a person well versed in fashion, expressed excitement for the next season. Garments will be seen that anyone could feel amazing wearing during any situation. The 2021 fashion showcase will include garments that seem like they are meant to be worn more than ever before. Not just carefully for an evening out, but fully throughout the day. Styles are seen that work perfectly for staying inside all day and are effortless for a weekly shopping trip. Oversized boyfriend jackets, stylized sweatsuits, power pants, and tunic sweaters are just a few examples of these extremely “wearable” clothes that will be seen during 2021 fashion week.

2021 style is all about practicality and comfort while being as polished as possible. Oversized boyfriend jackets feature shoulder pads that create a long and narrow shape with a small waist while allowing for much-needed comfort. These jackets are great because they look polished with shorts, skirts, or a styled power pant. A power pant is a garment that will be seen a lot as they allow for sitting all day while still maintaining a very draped stylish appearance. The power pants feature in the 2021 collection come in a variety of colors and look stylish with a wide variety of tops. Tunic sweaters that create a beautiful silhouette are a classic style that will be seen often. Tunic tops are easily one of the most versatile items of clothing for in the house or out and about. Paired with shorts, a power pant, or even leggings for an effortlessly beautiful look. With more people spending time in their houses than ever before, it’s only natural that a stylized sweatsuit would make an appearance. They allow for extreme comfort while still maintaining a polished look. Another not to normal style will be black facemasks. They will be making an appearance in fashion week as they provide protection while being neutral enough to pair with anything. Never before have designers thought so much about making their wardrobes something that can be worn more around the house than out in the world. That is really shining through in 2021 fashion week, and people are living for it!

With most people spending their days at their computers on Zoom calls, it’s only natural that Michael Kores, Tory Burch, and Rosetta Getty would create clothes that would suit this purpose. Power pants, stylized sportswear, tunic sweaters, and many comfortable yet classy clothes will be seen. Garments that look simply amazing, and can be worn around the house. A lot of designers looked closer to home for style inspiration this year, but Caroline Herrera’s collection was completely opposite to this. Short and long Belted dresses, puffy sleeves, and gorgeous patterns make a dull day much brighter. There’s no doubt that 2021 will be a year in fashion to remember. Helen Lee Schifter believes that fashion will change because of the pandemic. 

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