3 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Be Your Greatest Business Asset
3 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Be Your Greatest Business Asset
3 Ways a Managed Service Provider Can Be Your Greatest Business Asset

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For nearly every business, technology is one of your most valuable company assets. You rely on your tech investments to propel your business forward and give you a competitive advantage in your sector.

However, while your IT specialist might have been excellent at keeping your company competitive and up to date in past years, true growth is impossible without a refined IT strategy. 

The reality is that one or two in-house specialists simply don’t have the bandwidth to assess and handle the growing technology needs of most businesses—even SMBs. Tasks ranging from consulting and round-the clock monitoring to developing continuous improvement strategies are all connected to your IT infrastructure, but one specialist can’t cover those needs alone.

That’s why many businesses are turning to Managed Service Providers, who can offer cost-effective solutions as well as IT strategy aligned with specific business needs. Here are 3 ways you can leverage a Managed Service Provider (MSP) as your greatest business asset:

1. MSPs Help You Achieve Higher Cost Savings

If your in-house IT specialist is struggling to maintain all the roles your infrastructure requires them to fill, you may think the solution is to hire another staff member. However, in this case, you must factor in costs such as an additional salary, training costs, and benefits. Instead, when opting for an MSP, you can reduce costs and get access to a wider range of IT resources.

MSPs generally come at the cost of one salaried employee, but without the need and costs associated with onboarding, training, and benefits. Additionally, an MSP offers you access to an entire team of experts with various IT specialties, giving you the benefit of a wider range of skills at the a lower cost.  

Because MSPs also have more time to spend improving your systems than a single specialist does, they can perform round-the-clock monitoring and other services that reduce overall downtime—which any business owner knows can be very costly. Through coast savings alone, investing in an MSP can quickly become one of the greatest assets for a growing business, especially in today’s market.

2. MSPs Provide IT Strategy That Aligns with Business Goals

Over the years, you might have learned to trust your in-house professionals over third-party providers. However, these specialists might only be experts in a specific field or more comfortable in completing day-to-day tasks rather than IT consulting or strategy. 

Instead, employing a broader team of experts allows you to create a short- and long-term strategy that reflects the business’s vision and mission.  

The specialists in a co-managed IT service provider will get to know your business and values before crafting a strategy. After several consultations, they will learn what your business’s goals are and make continuous plans to meet them. IT strategizing has never been as crucial as today when the majority of companies rely on their virtual presence, systems, and tools.

3. With an MSP, You Get Quantifiable Results

Lastly, MSPs help you get more quantifiable results from your IT. The team’s specialists will show you the main KPIs to keep in mind when evaluating a project or strategy. MSPs strive to keep your uptime rates at 100%, an improvement that can directly lead to an increase in profitability. 

If your team is also currently working from home, 100% uptime also increases chances for smooth digital collaborations with both co-workers and clients. Through these benchmarks and indicators, you will be able to see quantifiable results, in terms of both budget and profit. 

Ultimately, these are the clearest indicators of quantifiable business growth, leading to improved clients’ and employees’ loyalty and retention. Without such services, it can be extremely challenging for a business to visualize and calculate any IT effort’s results.

Through lowered costs, enhanced strategy, and more quantifiable results, a Managed Service Provider can quickly become an invaluable partner. They can be one of your greatest assets while protecting your important digital assets, providing tangible success along the way.

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