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4 Crucial Reasons to Hire an HR Person for Your Small Business ASAP
4 Crucial Reasons to Hire an HR Person for Your Small Business ASAP

There is nothing “small” about running a small business. From the wee hours of the morning to late-night hours, you likely spend more time running your business than anything else. Small business owners are often required to wear several hats: bookkeeper, public relations manager, advertiser, salesperson, customer service representative, inventory manager, boss, etc. The list could go on and on.

Once your business beyond just you and begins to employ others, it is time to consider hiring an HR person. HR encompasses a wide variety of duties in which most small business owners are not well versed- and they shouldn’t have to be. There are several important reasons why you should hire an HR person for your small business- and soon.

Paying for an HR person demonstrates to your employees that you care.

When it comes to business, follow the money to see where it’s values are. When employees see you investing in an HR person for the overall benefit of the company, employees will appreciate the effort.

Having a dedicated HR person stages your business for growth.

The more employees a business has, the more time it will take to manage their employment. Not only does an HR person manage payroll and new hire paperwork, but they can be assigned to a variety of other tasks, including: 

  • Recruiting quality applicants
  • Hiring new employees
  • Completing new hire paperwork
  • Managing benefits for employees
  • Ensuring state and federal laws are followed
  • Manage training programs
  • Perform payroll functions
  • Publishing and posting required OSHA publications
  • Acting as a liaison between employees and management
  • Assisting with worker’s compensation reporting and benefits

Many of these tasks can be done by a part-time employee or even the business owner. However, hiring a professional who has experience in the HR field will ensure that things are completed accurately, legally, and smoothly. It will also provide room for growth as you choose to hire additional employees.

An HR person provides much-needed support.

As more employees join the team, organization can become more difficult. Employee manuals and protocols should be written and distributed, employee files created and maintained, pay schedules developed, and communication between management and employees should be consistent, regular, and accurate. Having a professional in the HR field assist with these tasks will help ensure that they are legal, reasonable, and appropriately distributed.

The function of a Human Resources Department is to provide a backbone for the business while maintaining a healthy relationship with employees.

An HR person helps provide a unified vision.

As a business grows, it is easy for different branches of the business to develop tunnel vision, only focusing on the aspects of the business that directly affect them. A good HR person can help create a team environment, helping employees and management to see how all of the parts of the business must work well together in order to function at its best.

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