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4 Ways to Impress Your Boss
4 Ways to Impress Your Boss

4 Ways to Impress Your Boss

It is never easy to impress your boss. You want to do something a little different, yet not too different, that you risk being passed over for the job. There is no perfect way to impress someone, but there are some hacks you can use if you know what the person likes. Jonathan Osler San Francisco says you should be careful to find their likes and dislikes. Most of the time, a boss will give you a list of things they want, ensuring you do it right. If not, take a look at their office and see what they like to look at every day. It could be anything from the artwork on the wall to magazines on the bench.

Consider how you could use these objects in your work and improve them. It will make them notice how much thought you put into your interactions with them at work. If you think about their interests or passions outside of work, you will likely come up with ideas that they love because they relate them to something that means something to them personally.

4 Ways to Impress Your Boss

1. Be the first to arrive at the office

Getting to work early is a great way to show your boss how dedicated you are to your job and that you like to get things done quickly. When you arrive earlier than most of your coworkers, it will be easier to get things done because there will be no traffic or people making noise in the office. You can use these extra hours of work time so that others won’t have to do other things that need doing without raising suspicions. Your boss will notice this when they come to work and think everyone is working hard on their tasks.

2. Always look neat and clean

Be sure to get into the office in a great mood. This way, your boss will see that you are happy to be coming to work, and they will also be happy because they will see how good you look doing your job. If you are getting ready too late to leave the house, then take your half-day off to look better when it is time for work.

3. Be accommodating with all of their requests

When you do something on their behalf, the dear boss will know that you genuinely respect them and want to make them happy. Your boss may have asked for a gathering at a specific time or said they need some items from home during the week. If you are always on time when you go to the office, then this is something your boss will see. If you are always too busy to do the work, then they will not see the dedication you need.

4. Try out new things at work

Your boss may have asked you to develop new ideas to improve their work or what they should have in their office and use those items in their new space whenever possible. If you can make any suggestions that would be helpful, then it will be a great plus for your boss, who will notice how valuable a good employee you are.

Jonathan Osler San Francisco shows how much a boss likes to be impressed by employees. If you can develop new ways to impress your boss and use it in their workplace, they will notice how dedicated you are to the job. They will know that you want to do well at your job and care about what they like and are interested in. It means that when things go wrong or better for them, it will make them happy and want to keep you around for a long time so that things go well for everyone’s success.

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