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5 Ways You Can Update your Office
5 Ways You Can Update your Office

Whether you’re working from home in a home office, or commuting each day to an actual office, the way your office looks and feels can dramatically impact productivity. Investing in your office space is a great way to ensure you and your staff feel inspired each day. You might think an office upgrade has to be expensive, but the reality is that you can make some simple changes that will make a dramatic difference to the overall look and feel of things. If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your workspace, keep reading my 5 tips for updating your office below:

1. New Flooring

This is something that’s often overlooked, but fresh flooring can make your office look like a completely new space. Not only is solid wood flooring a beautiful choice, but it’s easy to maintain and keep clean. Wood flooring also comes with natural markings, which prevent it from looking dirty too frequently too, ensuring for really easy maintenance. Good quality wood flooring will last for decades and requires very little upkeep to keep it looking beautiful, making it a smart long term choice. 

2. A Pop of Colour

There are ample studies that show different colours impact our moods. If your office space is looking a bit drab, a fresh coat of paint is the easiest and fastest way to brighten it up. You can choose to paint all the walls, or just do a feature wall. If you’re not ready to take some paint to the walls, you can add pops of colour with feature pieces. You can get a bright pot plant holder or some fun artwork to brighten up your space. 

3. Some Plants

I love adding plants into my office space because not only does the bright green colour add a lot to the space, but it also helps improve air quality. If you’re not much of a green thumb, then you’re going to want to focus on easy maintenance options such as a Snake Plant, a Chinese Money plant or even a Bromeliad. These are great options that are easy to keep alive, and really brighten up any space. You can choose interesting plant holders to add another element to your office.

4. Clear Out the Junk

Often offices become filled with clutter, which can impact the aesthetic of your office space and make it less comfortable to work there. If you’re working in a home office, it may be a space within another room – such as a living room or bedroom – which means making sure the space is tidy and clutter free might be even more of a challenge. If you’re working in a commercial office, decluttering can be very challenging because it’s not always clear who’s made the mess or what can be thrown out. Arrange a day with your team to focus on tidying up and clearing out the clutter so your office space can be a productive space you enjoy being.

5. Upgrade Your Office Chair

If you’re finding that you end each day with a stiff neck and a sore back, upgrading your office chair can be an excellent way to update your office and improve your posture. You’re going to want to try the chair out in person if possible, to make sure that your position is correct when seated. You want your elbows and forearms to rest on your desk parallel, and for there to be sufficient support for your spine. Upgrading your office chair can make a big difference to how comfortable you are at work, and how productive you are.

Making small changes to your office can make a big difference overall how you feel about being there and how much you enjoy getting your work done. Try implementing a few of these suggestions into your office space and you’ll quickly see the difference. 

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