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6 Personality Traits a CEO Should Have – Advice from Business Leader Andrew Miller
6 Personality Traits a CEO Should Have – Advice from Business Leader Andrew Miller

There are too many CEOs out there to lump them all together into one type of personality, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t traits that the best of them have.

Here are the top characteristics every CEO should strive for and how to prove you have them, direct from former Polycom CEO Andrew Miller.

Vision for the Future

Whether you talk about mission statements or final goals, follow visionaries you admire and look toward the future.  Your business deserves a good view of the future because it means you’re picturing how it will fit in the world.  If you can’t see how your business would look in five or ten years, you need to stop everything you’re doing and focus on that.  Without a vision for growth, your company could die.  

Brazen Honesty

Although it’s better not to try to offend people with opinions- facts are undeniable.  Be truthful, honest, and willing to listen to points.  If new information comes up that changes your mind or sheds new light on a topic: pay attention to it.  Some people disguise their opinions as facts to make them feel better; don’t confuse the two.  Your idea is still important, but you should focus on being factually honest instead of emotionally honest at all times.

Attention to Detail

A keen eye for problems and solutions is vital to success.  Any CEO out there should be able to spot things before they come up and be capable of balancing a couple of projects at once.  If you have too broad of a vision without focusing on detail, you could end up overwhelmed and incapable of changing.  A keen eye for detail means you’ll see the writing on the walls before problems arise and will be able to avoid or fight against them.

Flexible on Everything

An inflexible CEO is a CEO of a failing company in just a matter of years.  Be flexible with how you run your business, who works for you, and how your product is created, or your services are rendered.  Don’t be precious with things in place, or you will end up disappointed continuously and shell shocked by changes.

Belief in People

You can’t hire people you don’t believe in.  Have faith in your employees and those you work with, that everyone wants what’s best for the company.  If you have no faith in people, those around you will be able to tell and might not give their all.  Make people want to live up to your expectations.

Belief in the Product

This trait is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be.  Believing in the product or service you’re offering people is paramount to success.  When you put thought into your work, it shows, others want to believe in it.  Whether you’re selling a security system or a banking app, it should be something you’d like to use- if not something that you use in your everyday life- Loving the product as a consumer means that you’ll see any flaws and be able to fix them.  Don’t separate yourself from what you sell.

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