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Become a Social Media Professional by Focusing on These 5 Business-Friendly Platforms
Become a Social Media Professional by Focusing on These 5 Business-Friendly Platforms

Becoming a social media professional for more than one social media platform is difficult, but that isn’t a big problem for most businesses. You do not need to be an expert in all, you need only be an expert in one. This article explains how to become a social media professional in any of the five social media platforms listed. Follow this advice and you will enjoy sustained success so long as you put your talents to good use. Focus on all five of them, and your success is almost guaranteed.

1. Use the Power of Videos on YouTube

If done correctly and done well, YouTube offers businesses the biggest return on their investment, especially when considering the amount of time invested. The problem is that most businesses do not know how to use this platform to its highest potential. This is because the methods used must differ for each company.

For example, a washer and drier parts sales company offers in-depth instructions online around how to fix washers and driers at home. They then sell the specific parts required for said repairs. The number of videos required and the amount of effort is huge, but these videos generate a steady and humble stream of revenue from sales of parts. As a byproduct, they generate hundreds of very “very” thankful customers who feel indebted because a YouTube video saved them hundreds of dollars.

If one were to try to achieve the same “consistent” level of success with a website, it would take far more effort to achieve the same level of even modest success.

2. Become an Instagram Social Media Professional

It might be argued that Instagram has no business social media applications or value, but such a wide variety of companies are doing so well on Instagram that is deserves its number two position on this list.

It is the best social media for business if you are willing to be conservative in your approach. Something as simple as taking vanity shots of your products is enough to somehow gather followers. There are people following companies that offer different recipes for noodles (and nothing else) and are even followers for companies offering different PC casing designs.

3. Network on LinkedIn

Probably the most difficult social media to get started with, but once you start making connections, your content will start to take on an almost slow-burn viral momentum.

Instead of your content spreading quickly with lots of online presence (typical of viral content), your content will spread slowly but with a consistent rate of growth (though the fires will need stoking by you if you want any rate of sustained success).

4. Pin It on Pinterest

People who know how Pinterest users think have always done well on Pinterest. Start by keeping it simple by pinning items that you sell that you think your viewers will enjoy, and then move on to more creative with well-thought-out boards. Think of Pinterest as a menu you create where your viewer would sample everything from your side salad to your prime rib.

You could even run comparison boards such as comparing this homepage to that homepage, or one product to another, and so forth.

5. Sell Your Brand on Twitter

You are not going to sell very much through Twitter, but it is good for sending out branding messages. If you are trying to establish your brand and are working towards gaining brand recognition, then Twitter is perfect for any drip marketing campaign you are planning.

But – What About the Others?

Where is Facebook? The fact is that being a social media professional involved with Facebook offers a very low return on investment unless the business sells to teens or younger (in which case Facebook is ideal). Unless your primary market is younger people, then do not become a social media professional with Facebook.

However, as you will notice, there are often times when certain social media platforms are terrible for business with just one exception.

For example, nobody would suggest you invest most of your budget into selling on Tik Tok unless you were selling clothing, in which case it is a gold mine. You should probably avoid investing your marketing budget into Tumblr unless you are selling books or information products.

The Takeaway

The point is that in a broad sense, a business could use any of the five social media platforms listed in this article and make an impact, while other social media platforms are useless except for the fact that the others have one or two niche markets that “some” businesses could exploit. To become a social media professional, you need to choose your platform(s) wisely.

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