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Can Emerging Social Platforms Help Drive Engagement and Renew in 2020?
Can Emerging Social Platforms Help Drive Engagement and Renew in 2020?

When it comes to social media, platforms can tend to mirror one another, design, and feature wise. With the global COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing, and consumer trust in social media on the decline, experts are saying the new social era has arrived. Meaning, there’s a growing demand for new social offerings. In order to be successful, emerging social platforms must differentiate themselves while working to take necessary steps to renew trust and interest to both consumers and marketers.

While many may think of the word “engagement” as a buzzword, here’s the truth: consumer engagement is a critical component for success for brands across all industries, amid a global pandemic or not. After all, brands are increasingly fighting for consumer attention, now more than ever. To renew consumer interest and bolster engagement, emerging social players are offering fresh ideas like augmented reality (AR) and ad-free data storage, as actionable strategies to fortify relationships with consumers.

The Rise of AR in Social Media

Augmented reality (AR), in contrast to virtual reality (VR), involves a simple combination of the physical and virtual worlds. So, when a real item or place is visited or captured on video or camera, AR ‘augments’ or adds to the real-world image with extra digital layers – think of Pokémon Go.

Companies across the world are quickly realizing the opportunity of leveraging AR to enrich their brand experience and improve customer engagement. When popular mobile apps, like Snapchat and Instagram, began implementing augmented facial filters back in 2017, AR rapidly gained mainstream attention.

Today, we’re seeing emerging social platforms take AR to the next level. For example, Fabric a new social app that enables users to connect with people in their proximity and allows companies to offer customers real-time access to people, places and experiences in augmented reality (AR), is stepping on the social scene. Fabric manifests as a stand-alone app for users and is also used as a technology plug-in for brands, businesses, and enterprises to connect with users. 

Through this new mobile technology, Fabric gives users the ‘cool factor’ they’re craving and brands an almost unlimited opportunity to interact three-dimensionally with consumers to their mobile devices.

Data Protection Becomes Gospel

Given the current social media landscape with goliaths selling data to advertisers and controlling the information their users see with their own biases, consumer demand for alternative platforms is notably on the rise.

Let’s dive into a recently launched Facebook rival, Leavemark, which is an ad-free data storage and social media hybrid app that enables users to archive life’s most important memories and documents.

What is an ad-free app? It means users aren’t force-fed ads or posts via newsfeeds where an algorithm dictates what is important. 

Leavemark does not data mine, sell user data or incorporate advanced algorithms specifically designed to push unsolicited content. User privacy is of the utmost importance. The uploads and posts that users make to Leavemark, as well as the information seen on Leavemark, will only be from users that you choose to have a relationship with. Leavemark also allows free speech for all sides without censorship bias.

The Takeaway

It is truly an unprecedented time in the world and given today’s global events users are craving more private alternatives and social networks that can step up the wow-factor. If social brands want to rise above, it’s time to create totally unique offerings and continue to advocate for the social revolution currently underway which prioritizes the user.

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