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Diego Ruiz Duran Discusses the Business Side of Law
Diego Ruiz Duran Discusses the Business Side of Law

Whether or not an individual has dedicated their career to business, many business practices and terms of knowledge are known to be extremely useful in any and all professions. Schools, hospitals, law firms, you name it, they all need some form of clientele and a business model to be sustainably successful. In the 21st century, it is a known fact that several aspects of business are applied in everyday life. For Diego Ruiz Duran and his profession as a practicing defense attorney in Mexico, he himself needs to stay on top of the latest business strategies and knowledge. 

Duran has his own law firm, Bufete Ruiz Duran S.C. Abogados. After founding the firm nine years ago, he has established himself as one of Mexico’s most respected and successful criminal defense attorneys, especially in high profile cases. He earned several degrees during his college years. He obtained a Masters of Science, Criminology degree from the University of Oxford, as well as a Law degree from the University of Cambridge. In addition, he has a degree in Negotiation and Leadership from Harvard University. With years of education and experience under his belt, Duran strives to continuously improve the success of his law firm and he understands that doing so will require several business techniques. 

Like other businesses, Diego Ruiz Duran realizes that in order to drive in more clients, he has to invest in marketing and advertisements. However, this can be tricky in the sense that instead of providing a physical product, he is providing an invisible service, something that cannot be shown on a billboard or Facebook ad. Because of this, he has to invest in television advertising to give consumers a chance to experience his personality and what he has to offer. The commercial must be welcoming, relatable, and trustworthy. Duran has to sell to his potential clients that he is a comforting figure who will provide the best care as well as strong results for the people he works with. 

In addition to promoting the law firm, Duran must also acquire tremendous people skills. When consumers are spending large amounts of money and putting trust into a lawyer in hopes that they will come out of a case victorious, the lawyer must maintain a strong relationship with them. Clients want to feel comfortable around their attorneys and gradually develop trust that will help both parties gain the confidence they need before a trial begins. Lawyers like Duran must have likeable personalities and maintain the balance of being a serious professional at law as well as a friend and confidant to their clients. I will benefit the firm in the long run by forming a reputation of being a service that consumers can rely on and feel welcome as soon as they walk in the door.

When law students finally earn their degree, most are not aware of the business skills that will become necessary for them to become as successful as Diego Ruiz Duran. He believes that law schools should better incorporate business courses so students can become fully prepared and well rounded when entering the workforce. Basic financial, people, and marketing skills are key to a renowned attorney at a thriving law firm. Duran hopes that this article will help young law professionals realize just how important it is to keep up with business knowledge surrounding the world of law. There is a lot more to being a lawyer than just studying up on law itself, it takes years of understanding the complete aspect of the career path and the intricate details that go along with it.

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