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Features Of a Business/Program That Make It Easy For Social Media Managers To Promote
Features Of a Business/Program That Make It Easy For Social Media Managers To Promote

When social media marketers get together there are some of them that have an incredibly easy job versus others when promoting the business they work for. Certain businesses can have quite the draw while others need to draw followers through good content on a consistent basis. There are certain features of companies or programs that make it much easier to promote as it has a natural attraction. The following are a few of these features of a business or program that makes it much easier on the social media team in general.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the best thing that a social media team can promote is a company that has environmental initiatives. This helps with exposure as new outlets often times cover company’s efforts to help the environment especially if it impacts their margins. Even something as simple as sponsoring a cleanup can be something the social media can turn into great content. Most people would love to see a CEO of a company getting dirty to help the environment during their free time. If a company has not tried this as a way to generate content as well as do a good thing, try it as the ROI is usually quite high due to public perception of the company.

Respected Members of Society

Executives at the company all the way down to entry level employees doing great things in the community helps social media teams create engaging content. A person at the company coaching the local high school football team is a great example of this. Not only will it be recognized that they work at a company outside of coaching football but their social circles will also be immense as there are up to 50 players on a high school team. Associating the company with these employees especially for local businesses is imperative.

Addresses A Common Problem

Businesses or a program that address a common problem can be quite easy to promote. Programs like that of CDPAP address issues that people might have with home care. Most people do not want a stranger coming into their home to help them but with this program most family members can take the role of being the caregiver on. This not only can improve the quality of care but it also gives the family peace of mind that a person they know is taking care of their relative. This is the perfect example of making a social media manager’s job easy as everyone at one point or another might need home care. Even if they do not personally need it they will encounter a time when a family member does. These types of programs that make sense allow the social media team to promote something that nearly everyone will embrace.

A Celebrity Endorsement

Charities getting a celebrity endorsement not only helps them generate new members and donations with a sizable one from the celeb but it makes for great content. Having someone like a Leonardo Dicaprio showing up to events to raise money doesn’t automatically guarantee the charity will be a success but it definitely does help. This is like influencer marketing for a charity where the influencer most likely will be giving you money. Charities usually can generate great content as this usually is not hard for great causes but adding a celebrity makes the marketing team’s job much easier.

We have to face it social media  managers, some of us have it much easier than others when it comes to generating unique and engaging content. Take a look at some company policies to see what could be changed in order to help the social media team as well as initiatives that will win the good will of customers and future customers.

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