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How Covid-19 Is Effecting Business Professionals
How Covid-19 Is Effecting Business Professionals

Obviously, when COVID-19 hit, the world changed forever. As more and more Poles are torn as to what to do with their professional careers, it becomes clear that coronavirus really changed the professional industries forever. Many companies had to lay off thousands of employees due to the economic shutdown. For some, like Diego Ruiz Duran, are managing during COVID-19 by trying to remain as positive as possible. Business professionals have never had a tougher time remaining calm during such a crisis. The business world has changed forever given that people are now working from home. Being given almost no notice if one lost their job or would be continuing work from home has devastated people. It’s challenging for some and their mental health to maintain a positive outlook when they feel like they are lost. The media has done an excellent job and showing the true effect COVID-19 has had. Many economists and financial professionals have had to demonstrate their work from home which has been challenging since they are usually in a high-paced environment. Meetings are being completed online, and there is much less person to person interaction. For some, this is the best possible outcome. Many prefer working from home because it is easier to concrete and they appraise the time spent with families to a greater extent. 

However, there are those who struggle with this idea. Many professors can’t reach students on the same intellectual level as they once could. Office hours are not as lucrative as they were and students are struggling to stay concentrated in class. With the internet being such a vast place examinations are open notes, people can be dishonest on papers or tests. That eventually ripples into the professional world because these students will not have the highest value of education achievable. Passing a class does not have the same ethical value as it once did. This affects what students retain in the future thus, affecting the business and professional field in the future. 

Future doctors will have to learn how to complete surgeries online which is highly unrealistic and might not have the same value as in-person training. SO many business professionals worry about the future of the youth and how the world will cope with these upcoming generations. COVID-19 has to end for any of this to go back to normal. Nevertheless, the more people try to regular their days the better chance they will have at feeling as if activities are back to normal. Scheduling a day hour by hour may be the best way to maintain any normality. Giving oneself tasks to complete by a certain hour can eliminate any distractions or procrastination. Diego Ruiz Duran knows it’s hard to find positivity during this time, but it’s not impossible. Remember to stay safe and join workshops run by professionals online to see if there is anything further one can do to enhance their career. 

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