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How Explainer Videos Can Be Used in Digital Marketing
How Explainer Videos Can Be Used in Digital Marketing

Is it possible to compete with established companies? Yes, you can compete in the same field with them,all thanks to digital marketing. Let’s take a look at the chart that will give you an idea of the growth of digital marketing. 

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Do you have $5 in your pocket? Well, that is all that you need to get started with your first advertisement campaign. I recommend you to use videos in your first marketing campaign.   

Using videos in your campaign will help you in reaching out to more people at a lesser cost. One of the most effective types of videos to use for almost all kinds of businesses is an explainer video. 

You only need an explainer video software and a decent microphone to kickstart your journey with explainer video marketing. In case you lack skills, a lot of money, and time, you have the option to make someone else do the task for you. The explainer video production company will take care of the task of creating a video at a reasonable rate. These companies have top-notch employees who are great at what they do. 

How can you fully utilize the power of explainer videos in your digital marketing campaigns?

What to do after you produce a stunning explainer video? The YouTube creators publish over 500 hours of video content in a minute. Can you succeed despite tons of competition? Only publishing and spending cash on various social media platforms, search engines, and other sites will not do the trick for you. 

It is vital to use your explainer videos in smart ways to increase your revenue. Take a rundown at some ways that will help you use explainer videos in digital marketing to get fantastic results. 

Use explainer videos for creating awareness and for collecting emails

You can use explainer videos right from the get-go. There will always be the task of getting new customers for every company, whether it is a small company or a massive one. The explainer videos work great for raising awareness and collecting information about potential customers. 

Try to come up with an explainer video to make people know about your company. Explain what you do and reasons for your existence. Insert humor, curiosity, and other emotions in the video to make it full of fun. Try to view the world from the perspective of someone who has no clue about your business when making a video for raising awareness. 

The whiteboard videos are useful in excitingly explaining core concepts so that you can use it at first. 

The study has found that social videos get 1200% more shares than standard text and image posts on social media platforms. Upload your video on various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. to extend your reach. Also, spend some money on advertising campaigns to see the audience’ reaction to your promotional video. 

Once you explain the core message, you can use tools like Wistia Turnstile to capture information of the viewers in the middle of the video. 

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Target your website visitors multiple times with different types of videos

How many people do you think will buy into your idea after watching your first video? Some viewers will fill up the contact form, but many will not bother to give away their information. It is essential to warm up your site visitors, and the best way to do that is via retargeting. Retargeting ads are a fancy name for targeting the visitors who have already visited your site.  

The retargeting advertising campaigns work like a charm. You are showing advertisements to internet users who are somewhat aware of your company. Create how-to content with explainer videos and direct them to a webinar for the best results. It is possible to thoroughly explain various useful concepts in the webinar, which can turn a first-time visitor to a visitor who would be eager to purchase from your company. 

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Explain in brief about what they are going to get in the webinar via a promotional explainer video. Retarget your audience all over the internet, whether it is Facebook, Google, or other websites. You will be amazed to see the conversion rate from your retargeting campaigns if you manage to get everything right. 

Insert an explainer video on a landing page

Not using a video on your landing page will prove to be a very costly mistake. You’re leaving a lot of money on the table by not integrating a video on the top of the landing page. Here is an article about a landing page for beginners if you are not aware of the concept of a landing page. 

Regardless of the quality of the sentences on your landing page, it will not perform to its fullest without an enticing video. An explainer video is a great tool that you can use on your landing page. You can briefly explain about the whole landing page or insert a walkthrough video that shows how easy it is to use the product. 

Even if people do not go through your copy, most of them will at least watch the video. See how the percentage of people who purchase from your site will go through the roof after watching a video. 

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Offer valuable insights to your subscribers

Your subscribers expect you to continually offer value to them, even after making a purchase. With explainer videos, you can give away ideas related to the industry, give information about the upcoming launch, etc. 

You will maintain a good relationship with your subscribers if you keep on offering them useful information now and then. Later, these people will be more likely to make a purchase when you pitch a product. 

Create infographics explainer video, how-to videos, tutorials, etc. for your subscribers regularly. 

Explainer videos for SEO

How many of you are tired of not getting results from your SEO efforts? I bet that many of you who are reading this article will not even dare to create content for competitive keywords. Have a look at how Google treats a video. 

With videos, you can even rank for competitive keywords. The influencers will be more likely to link and share if you reach out to them with a stunning explainer video. Furthermore, it is OK to publish the same video on multiple platforms, which will boost your social share and generate natural backlinks to you. 

If you want to get tremendous results from your content marketing and SEO efforts, use explainer videos. 

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Put out a link to an explainer video in your email and see the magic

It is difficult to go through the spam filter and reach the inbox of your subscribers. Another challenge is to lure them into opening an email and reading the content. 

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Using explainer video can help you trim the content. Make use of enticing thumbnails and only describe in brief about the video in an email body. Just by doing these things, you will see a dramatic improvement in your click-through rate. 

Answer objections with explainer videos

No matter how great you explain the concepts in the video, there will always be some objections in part of buyers. The majority of those objections are standard, and you can also get to know complaints via online surveys. 

Create an explainer video by using a character that will address critical objections of your prospects that are holding them back. You will see a significant rise in your sales after you reach out to candidates with a video that answer their objections. 

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Use explainer videos for case studies

The people love to hear stories, and case study is a real story that portrays an event of a specific individual or a company. Just interview your customers and convert that information into a case study. 

The case study of how your product helped your customer to reach from failure to success will enable you to persuade your audience to take action. 

Have you found great insights from this article? It’s fascinating to think of how explainer videos can take a business to the next level. By making use of the tips that I’ve mentioned here, you can start harnessing the power of explainer videos. 

So, how will you use explainer videos in your digital marketing strategy? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the section added below. 

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