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How to Ask a Manager for a Raise
How to Ask a Manager for a Raise

How to Ask a Manager for a Raise

Jonathan Osler San Francisco shares his advice on how an employee can ask their manager for a raise. Employees want to be proactive and clear on what they want, when they would like the raise to start and what it would mean for them in their current role. Having a good relationship with the boss is essential as well.

Osler instructs that an employee should engage the boss and ensure that both parties are on the same page with the raise. Osler advises that if a raise is not in order, it must be clear why.

Osler says that, as a general rule, employees who work hard should get raises more regularly than people who do not work hard. The boss may want to ensure they are paying their employees what they are worth.

How an Employee Can Ask a Manager for a Raise

1. Ask your boss what they like about your performance. Your bosses often don’t know everything, but they can usually tell when an individual is trying hard or seems to be faking it.

2. Ask what they feel you could do to improve even more. It will give you the chance to either build on those strengths or look into improving those attributes that are not working.

3. After that, ask what they want to see in the future. Your bosses want to see growth. They want to know that you are going somewhere, and this is a massive opportunity for you to show them where you would like to be in the future.

4. Take an overview of your performance and figure out what other skills you need to perform better. We live in a fast-paced world where change happens so often that we must stay flexible and agile and constantly learn new things.

5. Give your bosses what they asked for, and discuss their requests with them. It isn’t a one-way street, and you shouldn’t just be asking for things for yourself. You’ll want to ensure that your boss is also satisfied with their request.

6. Discuss any changes you might need to stay competitive with them. If you get a raise, it will be for a reason, and you have to align yourself with that reason.

7. Be able to answer questions such as what else you need? When you ask for things, other people will have questions they would like to ask. You must be willing to answer them and always be available to talk.

8. Be proactive by asking yourself what you need to improve on to receive a raise. It’s most likely that the person who gave you the raise was already doing some of those things, so make sure you continue the growth in those areas.

You have to have a candid conversation with your boss about what you would like your future to look like and what it would take for you to get there. Jonathan Osler San Francisco says that if this is just for you, it’s about being more patient because the boss may not give you a raise. The best way to be able to go about the conversation is to ask yourself what key attributes you will need to move forward.

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