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How To Combat the Effects of Inflation
How To Combat the Effects of Inflation

In 2022, inflation rose 9.1%. This is the fastest pace of inflation the country has seen since 1981 with the index of all goods rising dramatically.  In 2021 the US depreciated 16% compared to the Mexican peso, 12% compared to the Canadian Dollar, and 9% compared to the Euro. These trends are not expected to stop anytime soon either.

Runaway inflation rates suggest that $1 in 2020 will equal just $.65 in 2030. It is clear that paper money is depreciating in value, but this is not the first time the country has experienced this. In the 2008-2012 recession, investors started pouring more of their money into gold which led to the value of it increasing. Investors now are doing the same thing, and gold now holds a higher investment rate than the stock market. 

Gold’s investment return rate was nearly 25% in 2020. With this high incentive for investors along with the lower risk gold carries compared to internet currency or paper money, more investors are beginning to change their strategies. Paper money is decreasing in value while gold is only increasing! To protect your finances during runaway inflation, consider going for the gold. You can learn more about the benefits of gold in the infographic below:

In An Era Of Inflation, Gold Still Reigns Supreme
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