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How To Use Social Media Marketing Effectively In These Education Realms
How To Use Social Media Marketing Effectively In These Education Realms

The education industry is booming with technology making it as easy as ever to eliminate a commute to a class through using online classes. This does not account for all educational programs as there are places like culinary school where things need to be much more hands on. It can be difficult to turn in a dish through an email so being in the physical school will be required. Other physical universities that are state run are starting to offer more programs for those people that already have full-time careers. Getting a certain degree could open up job opportunities as certain roles in corporations require a specific level of education.

Online Accounting Programs

The online accounting programs available need to concentrate on a variety of things. Prerequisites are important but the percentage of people that pass the state accounting exam should be of largest importance. Becoming a CPA is usually the goal of everyone enrolling in an accounting program as there is a demand for these professionals in nearly every industry. Allowing a person to see how they will progress through the program and the different things that are needed is important. This can be a long journey but it can also give a person great job security in the future as accountants will continue to be in high demand despite all of the programs that allow us to file our taxes quickly and conveniently.

Web Design Certifications

Those that work on social media teams for schools and programs that people can achieve web design certifications have a tough job. There are plenty of people that are self-educated in this realm but there always seems to be a new coding language to master. These programs need their social media content to promote the fact that you will be learning the latest coding language and give you the processes to help check your code for any errors. As any coder knows the best thing is to be able to find your mistake rather than spend hours trying to do so or having to code an entire page or program again. Social media teams also need to create content on how easy it can be to get a job after completing their program or receiving a degree from them. All the certifications and degrees mean very little if a job is not earned afterwards.

Culinary School

Culinary school needs to be very active on social media to show the type of facilities and hands on instruction that is being given. At-Sunrice Global Chef Academy does an absolutely incredible job of this on a variety of platforms but Instagram tops it with almost 17,000 followers. There are social media management companies that have less followers as this school creates quality visual content on a consistent basis. Not only do they show the students but they also take quality photographs of the culinary masterpieces that the students are creating daily. Those looking into the school will see posts of the student of the month as well as other accolades the students are winning. For a culinary school, this tops the social media game as it is well-rounded as well as attracting students while educating them on how the program works.

Online University Master’s Programs

Many state universities have begun to offer master’s programs for those people that already are working full-time. The plethora of online colleges that are not accredited can scare off people at times. With these state funded degrees it is nearly impossible for a future employer to tell if you went into the physical school daily or completed the program online. The social media management team of these programs need to make those alumni aware of these programs. Stressing the fact that classes can be done at night or at a reasonable pace should be integral. Instagram is not the best platform for this but Facebook and Twitter can be a great place to engage with potential enrollees. This engagement can be everything from answering questions to course requirements or even just educating people on this new opportunity.

Social media marketing changes in strategy between the different types of schools that there are. Some rely on engaging written content while others create incredible visual content that also highlights the ongoing activities at the school. What are niches of education that you believe need a very customized social media strategy?

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