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Jobs That Can Outlast a Recession
Jobs That Can Outlast a Recession

Jobs That Can Outlast a Recession

If you are looking for employment, it is good to be aware of the jobs that can withstand an economic recession. It is important to research what kind of work you want to do and find a job in this field.

There are many options for careers that will not cease during an economic recession such as: educator, farmer, nurse, social worker and therapist.

There are some jobs that cannot withstand a recession including: lawyer, senior positions and executive.

According to Jonathan Osler San Francisco, the most important factor in determining the jobs that can withstand a recession is its importance in the continuation of the community as a whole. A job that can withstand a recession is vital to the community, it may be a banker, teacher or police officer. A banker is one of the most important jobs in society since he keeps the community funds safe. He is responsible for the success of business and is therefore very intelligent. The profession of teacher can survive in a recession as well because it is mainly dependent on many students and teachers are very important to society. A police officer takes great care in making sure that crimes are not committed.

5 Jobs That Can Outlast a Recession

Here are some of the careers Osler thinks are recession proof.

1. Education Services

Teaching is one of the careers you should look into if you are looking for employment. This job requires knowledge, discipline, and also lots of patience. The teacher must be able to manage students with different personalities and need time to work with them in the correct way.

Education is an investment to the future. And this is the reason why it is one of the jobs that can outlast an economic recession.

2. Farming

Farming requires having a lot of patience and responsibility as well. It is a career that will always be needed during an economic recession due to food being one of the major necessities in our lives.

3. Nursing

This is another career that is always needed during an economic recession. Not because it is a job that will produce a lot of money, but because it has the ability to comfort and provide assistance to those who need it most.

Nurse are very responsible with their work because they have to monitor their patients and ensure they stay healthy and fit in order to avoid any future complications.

4. Law Enforcement agency

Law enforcement agencies ensure that they maintain peace in society and also uphold the law. It is a profession that requires self-discipline, sacrifice and right decision making.

Law enforcement officers are very determined and strong willed. They bravely protect our country from enemies who would try to harm us and deserve recognition for this.

5.Social Work

Social workers are very important for the community. They help in counseling, rehabilitation and working with disabled persons by advocating for them and helping them receive rights that they may be entitled to.

Social workers assist those who need a second chance to take advantage of their opportunities in life to become productive citizens of our society. It is a job that can withstand an economic recession due to the importance of its role in society.


The jobs described above are very important for the continuation of our society, according to Jonathan Osler San Francisco. They can withstand an economic recession due to the importance of their role in society. Even if these jobs may not provide a lot of money, they are still important since they are the source of our living.

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