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Reasons to Shop Locally
Reasons to Shop Locally

The experience during the pandemic has brought to light the importance of ‘me time. Persons should use this time to recharge their bodies and minds, examine pre-pandemic decisions, and press the reset button for a fresh start. In addition, the pandemic has taught us that everyone needs the support of others to thrive.

There are several reasons why persons should support their local businesses before reaching out to large megastores and corporations. First, it is vital that rebuilding the economy starts at the community level, with focused intent on helping small businesses to prosper.

Community Wellness Is Achieved

Wellness advocates like Helen Lee Schifter share the importance of body and mind wellness. In addition, issues with mental health have become of more significant concern during this time. Therefore, it is even more reason to ensure that our neighbors feel supported with renewed hope for the future. Stop by a favorite shop and check on the owner and staff to see how they’re doing.

You are Supporting Your Neighbor

It is important to remember that business operators in communities are neighbors and that everyone is someone’s customer or supplier; they know each other. Keeping the money in the community helps with keeping infrastructure in good order and puts food on the neighbors’ tables. The environment also wins, as traveling shorter distances to shop reduces carbon emissions which mean better air quality.

Build Back Better

Small business owners, local artisans, and farmers have all been hit especially hard by current events, with many having to close shop. Persons who may not otherwise be employable to large companies rely on their jobs with a local business for their livelihood. Putting people back to work would lift the sense of despair and uncertainty of the lay-offs and cutbacks. The negative economic impact has undoubtedly been severe. It will take an ‘each one helping one’ approach to put the nation back on its feet.

When people buy from their local farmers, they know where the produce is grown. Likewise, when they buy from the local bakery, restaurant, boutique, florists, and so on.

Provides for the Obtaining of New Technology

Faced with new protocols to keep safe from Covid-19, many local businesses have embraced new operating ways. The plans to eventually do business online have had to be fast-tracked, and more small business owners are now embracing the digital age. Ordering online with in-store and curbside pick-up gives shoppers more options to keep business alive.

Commit, Commit, Commit!

Staying committed is another critical attitude supported by Helen Lee Schifter, as quoted from the Authority Magazine – Women in Wellness ‘….pledging to oneself the time, energy and drive to begin any new endeavor’. As staying committed to help and support those in one’s immediate location plays a critical role in the wealth building of one’s community.

The local industry is the heartbeat of a community. These businesses are where many people will meet and greet, where stories are shared, where locals watch their children grow up, and where memories are made. For these reasons and the others listed above one should shop locally and support one’s local businesses.

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