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The Benefits of a Consistent Brand
The Benefits of a Consistent Brand

A serious challenge for any business today is standing out. There are countless products and services for any need one could have. The businesses that do best are those with a brand that people like. Massive businesses which don’t actually offer the best service make up for it with solid branding.

It’s easy to think that the key to branding is being as flashy as possible. People will buy more if the brand is reaching every potential consumer. Of course, this is an important and valuable aspect of branding, but a more subtle element is consistency. An easy way to display the importance of consistency is by looking at what happens when it goes wrong.

Let’s say, for example, a brand wants to build a very family friendly and calm brand. If any platforms, websites, apps, or advertisements jeopardize this brand, this can be extremely harmful. It’s good for a brand to target certain populations but when it isn’t consistent this can completely dissuade buyers. Inconsistent branding leads to marketplace confusion, slower sale cycles, and less leads. 

88% of businesses which have utilized consistent branding practices grew their revenue by 10% or more. It’s not something that’s obvious or flashy when it’s there, but it’s easy to notice when it’s missing. Brand changes across time are also subject to extreme scrutiny. People don’t always like when a product changes, so it’s vital to make sure the changes fit the brand image.

And those are the benefits of a consistent brand. Almost all successful businesses are consistent, but it’s more important for some than others. Regardless, it’s a principle that all businesses should be considering in building their brand.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
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