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The Best Loyalty Apps Today
The Best Loyalty Apps Today

When thinking about traveling, the worst thing that can happen is a delay. This means potentially being late to an event, missing a flight, or at worse getting entirely stranded. The best loyalty apps are good at making sure this happens as little as possible. Here are the most well-reviewed travel apps today. 

Topping the App Store and Google Play charts is the Fly Delta app. Asking which airline is best will always be a contentious question, although an important factor is the app. Fly Delta manages to meld two factors which create its popularity. First, it offers rewards and points for members, and second it is consistent and reliable.

The ability to consistently see one’s boarding pass, flight delays, changes, and times is essential. Fly Delta and Southwest, the second best reviewed flight app, do this better than the rest. Outside of flying, other services like Lyft and Uber have near five star reviews. These have the distinct advantage of being designed as an app with phones in mind. They’re incredibly reliable, easy, and practical to use at any time.

Finally one of the last top rated travel apps is Expedia. This travel agency is meant to make traveling easier, and its app reflects that. The themes of practicality, consistency, and a rewards program are all represented here. Of course a travel agency won’t be used by all, but for those that do, Expedia tops the charts. 

These are the best travel apps today, by review scores. The variables causing their success aren’t hard to grasp. They’re simple in design and use, they offer distinct benefits and rewards, and they’re reliable. Managing all these factors in one app is challenging, but when looking to travel it’s important to have them all.

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