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The Best Productivity Apps for 2020
The Best Productivity Apps for 2020

We all want to be more productive and accomplish all the tasks for the day. Planning makes everything a lot easier. We get to decide our priorities and finish the tasks that matter most. But, planning on your own is a time-consuming and tedious process. 

Top 10 Apps to Boost Productivity and Stay Organized

Special tools such as Kanban board online can help you stay organized. But, when it comes to apps for boosting effectiveness, very few of them make for a solid productivity tool. 

Whether you are a business owner looking to boost employee productivity, or you need apps for personal use, you can make the most of these. 

Here are our top app picks for apps for improving productivity: 

  1. Hygger
  2. Evernote
  3. ToDoist
  4. Slack
  5. Mindmeister
  6. HelloSign

And your time-management skills:

  1. TopTracker
  2. Toggl
  3. Harvest
  4. Rescue time

Each of these apps has something unique to offer. Some are better for boosting productivity, while others are best for time-tracking projects. Here, we have divided these apps based on what they can do.

Productivity Boosting Apps

For a business to strive, it’s important to boost productivity in the workplace. It’s no surprise that a lot more businesses today are investing in the latest apps specifically designed to improve the business’s unique workflow. 

Apps such as these are a handy tool for maximizing all your resources. They are meant to simplify and classify the daily projects to make them easier to accomplish. They also boost employee engagement, which is known to be a key factor in maximizing productivity in the workplace. 

The most popular apps you can count on are:

  • Hygger
  • Evernote
  • ToDoist
  • Slack
  • Mindmeister
  • HelloSign

With apps such as these, there isn’t a single task that will remain overlooked. They make organizing administrative tasks less time consuming since they help prioritize, organize, and eliminate mundane tasks. 

Almost all of them are available on PC and mobile, except for Mindmeister, which is a web-based app, and HelloSign, a mobile-based scanner.

They all have different features and characteristics. For example, Hygger, Evernote, and ToDoist are project-managing apps that organize and plan all the tasks you are working on. They are meant to structure the workflow and improve employee engagement. 

Besides, research shows that improving employee engagement brings in more profit. In fact, employees who are more engaged are 21% more productive and bring 22% more profit.  

Time-Tracking Apps

Time-management is a key component of a successfully running business. All the time you spend doing various tasks is worth money, so you need to be fully aware of the time you spend if you want to make more profit. 

That’s exactly what time-tracking apps are meant for. They are one of the top-most used apps among freelancers today.

The most popular such apps you can count on are:

  • TopTracker
  • Toggl
  • Harvest
  • Rescue time

Every app is different, but they are all meant to keep a detailed tab of the work in progress and the completed tasks. 

With Top Tracker, for example, you can record all the time you’ve spent on doing activities and report your progress to clients. The app will take multiple screenshots at different intervals to prove how you’ve managed your time. 

Rescue Time, on the other hand, is completely different. It’s designed for those who don’t want to share their work progress but want to analyze their habits and improve them.

All the time-tracking apps listed are available for PC and mobile, except for Rescue Time, which is only available for Android and iOS devices.  


If you are struggling with idleness, procrastination, and various distractions, an app can help you stay organized. All the apps listed here have their own unique features, pick the one or ones that suit you best.

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