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The Changes Efficiency Can Bring in Mobile Development
The Changes Efficiency Can Bring in Mobile Development

Mobile app development can be a vicious field to navigate. These apps are expected to be higher quality with customers that have less patience than ever. The era of half finished, buggy app releases are behind us. Yet at the time development is occurring faster than ever. Coders are producing faster and faster year after year.

How then are developers expected to keep up? The answer is simple, but can be hard to put into practice- efficiency. The solution then must promote efficiency in developers. Today, one of the most effective is continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, commonly abbreviated to CI/CD. This concept can be fairly complex, but can be boiled down to automating the app development process.

This means coders are working in the same environment and bug tests will happen instantly. Previously these were much more manual processes but now can be made automatic. There’s also a similar shift to automation from development to production and then release. Apps today are released quicker and more importantly have changes made quicker. In practice this leads to faster releases and less bugs, but also lower costs and greater customer satisfaction.

In terms of how to integrate CI/CD, there are now specific development platforms aimed at this end. Year after year development becomes a more automated process. While one can ignore these changes, the competition only gets tougher alongside the changes. The future of mobile development is in retaining efficiency, and the future of efficiency is CI/CD.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline

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