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The Ultimate Free Invoice Template
The Ultimate Free Invoice Template

You can customize free invoice templates to match your business’s style and give your customers an invoice they are happy with.

If you require a free invoice template, then look no further. We have compiled the best templates so that you can get your business up and running without any additional costs. This collection includes simple invoices for small businesses and more complex ones with itemized details.

What is an invoice, and why would you require one?

An invoice is a billing document that details the products or services provided by an individual business to another. It outlines what was purchased when it was purchased, who it was purchased from and how much the total cost is.

An invoice template makes creating invoices much easier because you can simply fill in the blanks and have a professional-looking document without having to do any typing.

What are the benefits of using a free, downloadable invoice template?

The ultimate free invoice template includes the following:

  • Free to download and use for any business.
  • Easily customizable with Microsoft Word (compatible with OpenOffice and Google Docs)
  • Fully customizable invoice layout, including colors, fonts, borders, etc.
  • Headers with your business name as well as the custom logo.
  • A detailed itemized list of goods or services provided with quantity, price per unit, and subtotal.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Free support with any questions you might have about using the template or invoice software in general.

How to get started with your new invoicing software?

Now that you have seen what our invoice templates can do for your business let’s get started.

  • To edit the template and customize it for your business, you will need to download the software from our website.
  • You can start editing immediately after downloading and installing this invoice template on your computer (compatible with Windows and Mac).
  • All the information is already there, all that’s left to do is fill in your company’s information, and you can start creating invoices for your customers.

Tips for creating professional-looking invoices in minutes without any design or coding skills?

Follow these steps to create your free invoice template with ease:

  • Choose a design

With our selection of over 50 designs, you are sure to find a style that matches your company.

  • Customize the template with your information and logo

We have made this as easy as possible, so you don’t have to be a designer or coder.

  • Print and send

You can print your invoices and send them to your customers by email or via snail mail (if you still do that).

Ways to avoid common pitfalls when designing your templates?

There are some pitfalls to avoid when designing your invoice, and you can read about them here:

Poor formatting

Ensure your document is properly formatted with the correct font, margins, and spacing.

Misspelled words or typos 

These can completely change the meaning of your invoice. Be sure to have someone else proofread the document before you send it out, or ask us for help if needed.

Not including a payment due date 

This is extremely important as you will need to know when the invoice needs to be paid for your company to stay afloat.

Including too much information or including unnecessary details that are available elsewhere (invoices should focus on what you sell

Forgetting to include company logo

Your logo is what makes your company unique, and it should appear on all of your documents.


Invoices are a great way to show current and potential customers how many products your business has sold. Using an invoice template will make it even easier to create professional invoices in minutes.

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