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Three Starter Shops For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace At $1000 And Below
Three Starter Shops For Sale On ExchangeMarketplace At $1000 And Below

Are you looking to buy a business that has potential but is also affordable? If yes, then purchasing a starter shop is your best option. ExchangeMarketplace has three stater shops for sale offering a niche that is very relevant today.

Running a business is not an easy task and takes a lot of passion, patience, and creativity. You put in a lot of time and energy to reap the benefits of the seed you sow. You are your own boss and you have full control over the decisions you take. Everything from design concept to sales is under your control. If this is something you’re looking for, ExchangeMarketplace has three starter shops for sale under $1000 for you! They are affordable and relevant today. The websites of these starter shops are already set up and are gaining some traffic. All you have to do is make the most of digital marketing and advertising to reach the target market and fulfill their orders.

Let’s have a look at these three starter shops – Spikes Nation, Aqua Fit, and BestBudzForever – to see if you find your calling.

Spikes Nation

This starter shop offers a range of branded running, throwing, and jumping shoes for men and women. The website has a neat interface and is easy to use with clear navigation tabs describing the category of the product.

Homepage of

The starter shop offers brands like Nike, Adidas, Asics, Saucony, New Balance, and Puma. The products are clearly labeled and priced making it easy for the user to select the desired product. The website has a simple layout with a user-friendly interface. has listed this starter shop for sale for just $500. The sale includes domain, logo and branding assets, product photos, and access to social media handles. The owner of the website is ready to guide the buyer for up to one week after the purchase of the starter shop. A commitment of approximately 15 hours per week would be required at the buyer’s end to keep this business running.

According to the owner, Spikes Nation has good potential if marketing strategies are used wisely to attain more traffic towards the website.

Aqua Fit

This starter shop offers trendy swimwear and casual wear for women. The website looks aesthetically pleasing that is easy to navigate with relevant tab titles and clear product descriptions.

Homepage of offers a range of clothing for women including bikinis, one piece, hoodies, jackets, sweaters, and tank tops. The website also features accessories like earrings and necklaces. The product photos posted on the website are of high quality with clearly stated prices. The website has a very modern and contemporary look and is user-friendly. The company believes in empowering women worldwide by offering stylish clothing for all shapes and sizes. offers a very easy-to-use website

ExchangeMarketplace has listed this starter shop for sale at $990. The sale includes logo and branding assets, domain, product photos, and access to social media handles. The current owner of the website will give help the buyer to set up shop for two weeks after the purchase.


Stoners unite! This starter shop offers cannabis-themed apparel to its customers. It sells t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and houseware with comical and witty one-liners related to the theme. The products sold on this website feature a very minimalistic and simple design that offers a very casual look.

Homepage of

The website has a very simple and easy-to-use layout. The user can navigate through the website easily as the tabs are titled appropriately. The website has a modern look with colors that suit the theme of the brand. This company has good potential if it reaches its niche market through digital media advertising. The company currently uses Oberlo for dropshipping and Placeit for marketing and advertising. With Cannabis legalization being the hot top right now, this brand could do well among the pro-cannabis community. has listed this cannabis-themed starter shop for sale for $1000. The sale would include logo and branding assets, domain, mailing list, product photos, and access to social media handles with 1,542 followers. The buyer would have to put in 16 hours per week to run the company efficiently.

Buying into a starter shop is a great way to get into the business groove with lesser investments, lower risks, and costs. Spikes Nation, Aqua Fit and Bestbuszforever serve a niche that’s worth exploring and can prove to be profitable with the right use of digital marketing and advertising. Head on to to find the right business for you!

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