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Top 5 Blockchain Platforms to Find Your Next Job
Top 5 Blockchain Platforms to Find Your Next Job

Can blockchain help you find a job? The answer is yes, and you don’t even have to be a blockchain expert to benefit. A growing number of startups are launching job-searching platforms, CV and skills verification tools, and referral programs that take advantage of blockchain’s immutability and universal accessibility. Next time you’re looking for a job, check out these five platforms:


BHIRED is setting out to replace the disjointed, low-value job boards that plague job searchers today. Unlike sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerBuilder, BHIRED rewards users for contributing positively to the network while keeping the candidates in control of their data at the same time. Users have far less incentive to engage in unproductive behavior such as carpet-bombing open positions with the same resume and therefore wasting employers’ time and their own. Applicants earn BHIRED tokens whenever they create, add to, or verify their profile, take skills tests, or receive interest from employers. Other platform members, such as employers and third-party service providers like screeners, technology trainers, and candidate referral agents, can earn tokens through positive participation. The tokens help users unlock basic platform utilities and take advantage of a broad variety of tools provided by HR vendors, learn new coding skills, and opt-in to receive relevant content. AI will help match applicants to positions, and companies with similar cultures and ethos of the candidates; while rankings of candidates and employers will help both parties make informed decisions.


APPII isn’t strictly a job search platform, but it will still give your job search a significant leg up. Applicants lie on their resumes frequently–one study found that a whopping 85% of respondents had made misrepresentations on a job application. Employers spend significant time and resources double-checking that candidates are telling the truth; this resource drain makes things harder for both employers and truthful applicants.

The APPII platform allows users to build a digital profile serving as their CV. They can ask APPII to verify details such as educational credentials or job duties. Verified details are encoded directly into the APPII blockchain. This blockchain CV is trustworthy and immutable. By giving hirers peace of mind that you, in fact, have the accomplishments that you claim you have–no matter how long ago they were verified–you’ll stand out in the field.


There are many different blockchain-based freelancing startups, which isn’t surprising–blockchain is uniquely suited to solve many problems that plague the freelance world, such as payment agility and trustworthy remote conferences. Ethearnal is just one of many blockchain freelancing platforms. Freelancers and employers use the site to search for appropriate matches. When the two initiate a freelancing contract, Ethearnal Reputation Tokens (ERT) from both parties enters an escrow account; this staking ensures that both parties behave honestly. When participants act productively and honestly, they earn more tokens, and their higher reputation scores give them greater visibility to potential partners.


Do you want to get paid in crypto? If the answer is yes, and you have some specialized blockchain and coding skills, then you have some unique job search venues open to you. BountyOne is a platform designed to serve companies launching new smart contracts; smart contracts that need to be audited, or double-checked, to minimize bugs and security flaws. A company that needs an audit will submit their code and Ether payment to BountyOne, where up to ten pre-screened auditors can stake their Ether to participate in each audit. Each auditor examines the code and submits their findings before the deadline. Auditors split the company’s staked ether once both the broader auditor community and the company itself approve the audit. Developers can also compete and collaborate for crypto-payments in hackathons and white paper audits.


HireMatch isn’t a direct job search platform–but just like APPII, it uses blockchain to give qualified applicants a considerable advantage in their search. Hirers pay HIRE tokens to publish position requirements and a bounty for finding the right person for the job in a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform automatically alerts HireMatch “agents” whose profiles indicate they might know a qualified individual. Any “agent” in the HireMatch system, whether it’s a recruiter, a specialist, a computer program, or a job searcher themselves, can refer a candidate to the opening. All actions are tied to the immutable Ethereum blockchain, and once the company fills a position, smart contracts distribute HIRE tokens to all agents who had a part in picking the final candidate.

Without a doubt, the job searching process can be challenging and stressful–yet many existing problems in the job search process can become headaches of the past with blockchain. Look to these platforms and others during your next job search to find out how blockchain can help you.

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