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What to Say in an Exit Interview
What to Say in an Exit Interview

What to Say in an Exit Interview

As professionals climb their way up the corporate ladder, they will find themselves moving from one job to another in a very brief amount of time. This is often the case when they find better opportunities or are not happy in their current job. This can also happen to employees who want to pursue a different path, whether it be studying or training to get into a new line of work. For formality purposes, companies conduct exit interviews when an employee is resigning from his or her position. The following are some of the things entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi thinks professionals should say in an exit interview to ensure they leave on good terms.

1. Their reason for leaving

When the time comes for an employee to leave, they need to clearly explain why they are leaving. It is important that they do not lie about their reasons because employers will be able to tell if they are being honest or not. The employees should give specific reasons why they did not want to work for the company anymore instead of saying that they do not like the company.

2. How their work-life was

Employees should also provide feedback on how their working life has been with their current employer and if the organization meets modern professionals’ requirements. This means asking about career development opportunities as well as discussing compensation and benefits. This can be very vital for the company if it is to improve its retention of employees.

3. Their best and worst moments

While leaving any company, any professional can be tempted to complain about their time working with them. This is why they must take the chance and tell the company what they think of their work culture, co-workers, and supervisors. They should also share any positive or negative experiences that will help improve working conditions in the future.

4. Advice for the company

As a way of saying thank you for the growth opportunity their employer provided, employees should advise on areas of improvement. Employees who are leaving the company can suggest where they think it needs to improve or provide any information that can help make changes for better organization performance. This is a chance for employees to be able to move forward in their future and maybe even rejoin the same company in the future.

5. Their view about the company’s leadership

The leadership style is one of the top components that contribute to the success of any organization, which is why it is crucial for employees to provide their input. It is one of the last chances they will have before leaving and can help provide a better future for those who stay behind.
In regard to self-made entrepreneur, Alexander Djerassi, these are the most crucial things any professional should say when leaving their current organizations. They should always be honest about their reasons for leaving, which will not only ensure that they are doing the right thing but also help them build lasting relationships with their former employers.

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