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Why Brands Have To Be Human On Social Media
Why Brands Have To Be Human On Social Media

Brand advocacy has to be promoted on social media because it unlocks the digital marketing potential of the entire network. You cannot simply talk about the brand and expect to get good results. Nowadays, you have to connect with users at a human level. You need to build brand trust for the network to organically grow. 

Even if how you have to behave on social media is written in the name (social), most brands just randomly promote their products and services. This never works. Here’s why brands have to be human on social media and why they need to communicate better with their audience. 

Millennials Know Social Media

Digital marketers understand social media marketing. Most business owners do not. This is a shame since social media can be a huge tool that countless businesses, especially startups can use to get support from real individuals, especially millennials. 

Every single brand understands the importance of being relatable to millennials because of the buying power that this group has. Social networks and millennials grew up at the same time. You need to communicate as the people do in order to be relatable and millennials want to be talked to, not talked at. 

As an example, let’s say that the brand is involved in car warranties. There is definitely a website set up and the business wants to communicate their offering on the internet. Social media is a very effective way to reach millennials because they are now interested in cars and warranties. They do not want to be told that the business offers car warranties. They want to know what they get for the warranties. 

The Audience Is One Person

Many social media marketing efforts now fail. This is because businesses forget that the audience is not a mass of people. The audience is one individual that looks at the social media page

Social media marketing has one clear purpose, which is to execute campaigns to promote something. The audience is much more than just a group of people aged between X and Y. The audience has to be considered at a more intimate level, including dislikes, likes, and what the individual wants to find on the internet. You can only manage to gain the attention of a person if he/she feels that you care about him/her at an individual level. 

Increased Engagement

If the brand manages to engage with the individual at a human level, the possibility that the individual engages back is 62% higher than when this does not happen. Basically, when you are human on social media, you get higher engagement. In the event that you think the best way to use social media is to post testimonials and to share details about your offering, you are better off not using networks at all because they will not help you reach your goals. 

In social media marketing campaigns, we think of success as a number of leads. 60% of the Millennials are loyal to brands and want to share experiences. When the brand connects, engagement and leads are increased.

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