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4 Ways You Are Hurting Your Blog Right Now
4 Ways You Are Hurting Your Blog Right Now

You’ve developed a beautiful blog with professionally created content, but there is no traffic coming to your site. What is going on?

There could be many reasons as to why you’re not getting the views you planned for. However, it could also be something you’re doing that just isn’t quite working. We don’t intend to hurt our blog, but sometimes that is the case.

Take a look at some of the following ways you might be hurting your blog, and how you can turn it around right now.

There is No Obvious Focus

One of the biggest mistakes a blogger can make is not having a focus. The focus of a blog is what your page is all about. Without one, your blog will look like you tossed together random content from all over. It can seem cluttered, confusing, and leave the reader going somewhere else.

Take a moment to decide what the focus of your blog is supposed to be. Then, browse through what you have uploaded and see if it matches your focus. You may find you need to edit, revamp, or even take down some content to match your focus. Alternatively, you may need to change your focus to match what you’ve already produced.

You Don’t Know Your Target Audience

Just as a focus is vital to the success of a blog, so too is knowing the audience you are trying to target. Whom you are writing to is crucial for the success of a blog. Why? Someone who is 20 is likely interested in reading something different than what a 70-year-old is reading.

Understanding your primary audience will help you develop content that will draw them in. When you do, you build a loyal community that will continually support your blog and help spread the word.

Your Blog Has no Brand

Your brand is the identity of your blog. Without it, it is hard to determine what your blog is about. Your brand is not to be confused with your focus. Although they go hand-in-hand, the brand of your blog is the logo, the structure, presentation, and any visuals you add.

Create a theme that best represents your focus. Within that theme, there should be a color palette and images to compliment it. When starting out, take a look at stock photos to help brand your blog. Browsing through stock photos, like Depositphotos wide collection will help you add a special touch to your blog.

You’re Inconsistent

Inconsistency can be the downfall of your blog. To keep your reader’s attention and support, you need to be publishing content on a regular basis. A reader will eventually go somewhere else if they continuously have to ask when you are uploading your next article.

Develop a schedule that works for you and is constant enough to maintain readership. Decide if it is realistic for you to be publishing daily, weekly, or a few times a month. Brainstorm a list of topics to work on and always be adding to it. Have a calendar dedicated to your blog so you can visually plan what the month and even year will look like in advance.

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