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Why Device Detoxes Are Important
Why Device Detoxes Are Important

When someone is constantly on their devices, it can be easy to get caught up in socially expressing oneself. As silly as it may sound, social media is actually not a human necessity. That is very hard for many people, especially the younger generations to understand. As more and more people make social media accounts online, it is being an apartment that those images are more important than what is happening in our real life. By images, one means that the personas that are usually carried in social media mediums are very controversial. People need to make adjustments to their screen time. For media specialists like Ken Kurson, it’s difficult to picture how his life would be without media. So many people have built careers based on social media or media in general. So why would they give up something that’s making them money? The answer is that one shouldn’t give it up completely, just in segments. Spring quality time with family members without phones or devices is so important in this day and age. People value snap chatting their days over actually enjoying them.

On the other hand, of course, there are those who prefer social media to person communication. There are many introverts that use social media as a way to get away from it all. Due to the vastness that online communication has created, it can be room for some very controversial and dangerous behaviors. The show “Catfish” is about people who pretend to be others for a long period of time. They steal people’s identities which can be very traumatic for someone who starts a bond with the person behind the screen. That is why detoxes are so important. By verifying that the people in your life are real and not conspirators, there is greater control over a person’s life. In addition, screen time is very important to reduce. The more blue light a person receives a day, the worse their eyesight can get. Furthermore, people have been known to get headaches after too much screen time.

That being said, having time away from these devices and instilling a higher appreciation for tying off one’s phone, can bring enlightenment to many people. Connecting with family and friends without having to be on devices is a grounding experience. Many people rely on their phones in awkward situations so that they can feel like they are not acting strangely. Yet, that’s the opposite of what should be happening. People are very social species. No matter how introverted a person is, there is also some type of longing for human interaction. That is why social media needs to be limited. Having one-on-one person interactions is much more valuable to our psyche. It helps develop more long term relationships and instills behavior practices for many people. Of course, Ken Kurson is an advocate for “do what you want”, but respect how important detoxes are. Social media was made to help people communicate, not separate. It is clear that there are side effects to using devices to open, and being unsocial seems to be one of them.

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