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21 Mind Blowing Facebook 360 Videos That Will Drop You Into The Action!
21 Mind Blowing Facebook 360 Videos That Will Drop You Into The Action!

Ever since Facebook introduced 360 videos, brands have been working hard to create completely unique content that immerses the viewer into a new environment. While some brands have opted for a tripod mounted 360 degree experience, other brands have pushed the limits by creating video game style videos and even entire action sequences that place you squarely in the action! 360 video may truly be the future of entertainment and engagment.

So, come experience the magic for yourself…

Here are the 21 most engaging & most shared Brand Facebook 360 videos in 2016.

1. Dior

3.6 million views, 17,539 shares. This is the most popular 360 brand video ever published on Facebook (so far).

2. Airbus

#avgeeks couldn’t get enough of this ‘from the cockpit’ 360 view (15,923 people shared it). It puts you in the pilot seat so you now know what goes on at the pointy end of the big steel tube hurtling you through the air at 650 mph.

3. Microsoft

According to Microsoft, this room is the quietest place on Earth and nearly 2 million people tuned in to listen to the sound of silence. With nearly 12,000 people sharing the video, it was a roaring hit for Microsoft.

4. Kia Motors Worldwide

Kia Motors gave a glimpse at the potential 360 video could bring with this incredible ad that puts you in the thick of the action. Over 1.5 million people viewed the ad and more than 9,000 people shared it, making it one of Kia’s most popular posts on Facebook.

5. M&Ms USA

Proving that it doesn’t matter what your industry is, M&Ms put together this cute video taking you through the apartments of all the M&Ms. 2.9 million views shows just how much people love these chocolate guys and girls.

6. Mountain Dew

To promote their new flavors, Mountain Dew came up with a video game style 360 video where you race along with Chase Elliot. 2.15 million views and 8,400 shares mean Mountain Dew reached millions of people with this single video.

7. Pepsi Puerto Rico

This 360 video from Pepsi Puerto Rico was part of the #DiloconPepsi campaign where users came up with ideas for the music and then view their own version of the music video by choosing what they wanted to see. With over 1M views and 7,400 shares, it’s one of the most engaging campaigns Pepsi Puerto Rico has ever done.


What 360 video would be complete without a video from NASA? This video which shows the underwater training astronauts have to go through was viewed 470,000 times and shared by over 7,000 people.

9. Visa Mexico

And the award for the most viewed brand 360 video goes to Visa Mexico. The video racked up nearly 5.8 million views as it showed how easy it was for people to win trips to the Rio Olympics.

10. Mountain Dew

The second 360 video from Mountain Dew looks a lot like the first in that it’s done in a video game style but with different tracks. With 2 million views it was as popular as the first one although at 4,800 shares it was slightly less shared.

11. LG Mobile

LG takes you swimming with sharks as it showcases its LG360 cam’s abilities. Over 800,000 people experienced a close encounter with the underwater predator and the post generated over 4,100 shares.

12. Emirates

Another video for the #avgeeks, take a 360 tour of the Airbus A380 and see where all the action takes place while you enjoy your movies and food. This video didn’t do quite as well as the Airbus 360 video featured earlier, perhaps because they didn’t show any take-off or landing, but it still got 2,500 people to share the content.

13. Lexus

If I take off my editorial hat for a moment and show some personal bias, this is perhaps the best Facebook 360 video published by a brand. In partnership with the TV show Quantico, Lexus have created an incredible mini-episode which puts you in the heart of the action. With 2.28 million views and 2,500 shares, the video should perhaps have done a bit better than it did.

OK, back to wearing my editorial hat again.

14. Liberty Mutual

At 5.1 million views, this 360 video was pipped to the post as the most viewed brand 360 video by Visa Mexico. The innovative quiz approach to the video meant it was engaging for the viewer which is why it got so many views. With 2,348 shares, it wasn’t as widely shared as some other 360 videos though.

15. Audi Sport

What could be more electrifying than being in the action during a fast paced pit-stop? Audi captured the frantic pace with incredible precision and teamwork that is required by racing teams during these vital moments. Although the video generated just 236,000 views and 1.897 shares, it is one of the most popular posts it has ever published.

16. Porsche

Another auto brand that puts you in the heart of the action as you get behind the wheel of a 911 Carrera around a race track. 158,000 people viewed the video and it generated 1,881 shares.

17. Lowe’s Home Improvement

This is a really innovative use for a 360 video. At first glance I didn’t get what was going on but once I figured it out I realized how creative it is! With nearly 4.6 million views, it seems I wasn’t alone in appreciating what a fine job Lowe’s had done. 1,773 people also loved it enough to share it.

18. Royal Caribbean International

With a stationary camera, Royal Caribbean decided to let the pleasant and calming surroundings of St. Kitts Botanical Garden do the talking. 275,000 people viewed the video while 1,294 people shared it.

19. Alfa Romeo

What is it about cars, racetracks and 360 videos? Alfa Romeo received 52,718 views on this video and 895 shares.

20. McDonald’s Canada

What do you do when you’re a cowboy in a land that has frozen over? These cowboys from Alberta have a few ideas and once you’re done skijoring, it’s time for a #mightangus. The video generated over 632,000 views and 1,139 shares.

21. Organic Valley

The final entry for the top 21 Facebook 360 brand videos comes from Organic Valley. This video features…dancing cows! Yes! 392,843 views and 1,197 shares is a huge achievement for this brand which has 402,000 fans in total.

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