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How Blogging Changed the World and Why You Should Be Blogging in 2018 [Infographic]
How Blogging Changed the World and Why You Should Be Blogging in 2018 [Infographic]

The internet is arguably the greatest of humanities achievements. It allows us to access nearly all of civilization’s accumulated research and information in a matter of seconds. The highspeed sharing of information is what the internet’s primary purpose is and, today, it is available to nearly every region, segment and demographic of humanity. The digitization of information and the ability for anyone to share that data freely with the world is what makes the internet such a powerful resource that has an astounding effect on the growth of communities.

One of the main ways that people contribute to the vast pool and information, and even benefit from it, is from the use of blogs and blogging. Free website builders and easy to use blogging platforms like WordPress make blogging incredibly accessible.

Blogging is a key to that information sharing and, quite simply, it has changed the world.

Statistics on blogging suggest that the average internet user reads about 10 blogs per day and spends nearly a quarter of their internet time on blogs & social media. With average usage time of over 4 hours per day, this means that almost every single person online spends more than two weeks of uninterrupted time reading blogs and social media posts this year.

With that kind of informational demand and time spend, blogging is a practical way to share ideas and information. In the past, the ability to share information on a mass scale was limited to either local channels like newspapers, expensive media like TV or being fortunate enough to get published by a known and accepted publisher. But none of these is nowhere near as accessible or globally-reaching as blogging for the average person to attain.

Considering all those factors, it becomes obvious that blogging has revolutionized the way entrepreneurs and writers can share their products and ideas by making it accessible to everyone for a relatively low cost.

E-Commerce & Blogging

A blog implementation and the disbursement of information is not just good for the general public, but it is also beneficial for the sharer of that information. This is especially true when a blogger is looking to drive traffic to a specific idea, product or service in order to garner returns.

For example, 79% of online shoppers spend 50% of their shopping time researching products online. 61% of US online consumers have made a purchase based on a recommendation from a blog. This means that not only is the demand for relevant information high, but the conversion of a prospective customer is an added value to your business.

Boosted Brand Awareness & Sales

It is known that a blog has the potential to boost brand awareness. What is less known is that blogging as a form of advertisement can produce brand awareness far surpassing that of traditional online ads.

70% of consumers learn about a company through an article rather than ads. This correlates to a huge brand boost and is the reason why every entrepreneur should implement a blogging strategy into his or her marketing mix.

This is even more apparent when you look at sales and visitor statistics to a website. The average company that blogs generate 55% more website visitors in comparison to those that don’t. Furthermore, 92% of companies that blog more than once a day acquire at least one customer from that effort.

These statistics all point to one general conclusion: blogging has changed the world and is a resource that can no longer be ignored in the current internet marketplace. Regardless of your sector, there is a market of readers hungry for the information you can provide and, once convinced, will easily convert and bring in returns. For all these reasons, you should be blogging for your business this 2018.

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