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Here’s What Happens When 100 Influencers Give Up Their Social Feed For A Day
Here’s What Happens When 100 Influencers Give Up Their Social Feed For A Day

The global, nonprofit organization, Mennonite Central Committee, celebrated its 100th birthday this year by launching its biggest campaign yet. To manage and execute campaigns for its centennial year, MCC hired Jelly Marketing, a digital marketing and PR firm known for its out-of-the-box strategies and ideas. Jelly worked with MCC to strategize and build a campaign to highlight MCC’s Share Your Table Program – a monthly giving program that provides emergency food to families when they need it most. For a gift of just $7 per month, you can help feed a family of five for a day. After extensive planning and collaboration, the  MCC Share Your Table Campaign activated across Canada on Monday, February 17th.

The Idea

What happens when 100 influencers give up their social feed for a single day? This question sparked the idea behind the Share Your Table campaign. Every day our social feeds are saturated with curated images of food, outfits, and home decor. Jelly Marketing wanted to disrupt the social norm and help MCC raise awareness for the 70 million people who do not have access to sufficient food or shelter. “Share Your Table is a great entry point for people who want to help make the world a better place but aren’t sure where to start. We know these influencers are passionate about food, and family and so what better way for us to get the word out about a way to make sure displaced families have enough food. It was exciting to see so much energy on social media surrounding the campaign.” stated Scott Campbell, Director of Communications & Donor Relations for MCC Canada.  Working with MCC, Jelly Marketing created a plan to have 100 influencers give up their social feed for a single day. Assisted by Popcorn Media, ShopandShout, and 100 Canadian influencers, the Share Your Table Campaign came to life on February 17th.

The Campaign

MCC sparked awareness for the Share Your Table program by asking 100 social media influencers to give up their feed for a day by replacing their beautifully curated Instagram post with an image of an empty plate and the hashtag #feed2feed. As a result, these 100 selected influencers reached an estimated one million people across Canada. Jelly Marketing worked in partnership with Popcorn Media, a social media and digital marketing firm, to create this list of 100 potential influencers. “As an influencer myself, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with Jelly Marketing on several campaigns over the years, and they’ve all been fun and rewarding partnerships. The MCC opportunity was particularly unique because it was the first time that my agency, Popcorn Media, collaborated with them on the other side of the fence. Popcorn consulted with Jelly on the influencer marketing strategy for this campaign.” said Dennis Pang of Popcorn Media.

Jelly Marketing recruited an additional 50 influencers by tapping into the resources of Shopandshout – a campaign automation platform and a diverse community of influencers. Shopandshout helped accelerate the activation by recruiting 50 individuals looking to support the cause. “We and our community of Influencers are excited this year to take part in more social causes. The MCC Share Your Table Campaign with Jelly Marketing is the beginning of many more awesome causes our Influencers want to support.” – Vinod Varma, CEO. 

After extensive outreach, Jelly Marketing and ShopandShout arranged to have 100 influencers confirm their part in the Share Your Table campaign. From this list of 100 Instagram Influencers, Popcorn Media recommended 25 individuals to host a giveaway portion of the campaign. The giveaway portion of the campaign generated email leads as part of MCC’s goal to collect email addresses for their drip campaigns, creating future donation opportunities, with the remaining 75 influencers aimed to raise awareness for the Share Your Table program. The audience could enter the giveaway by filling out a form linked to the bio of each influencer. 

The Execution

The activation of this mass national campaign happened through several key stages. The first stage involved extensive outreach to a large list of potential influencers compiled by Popcorn and Jelly Marketing. Shopandshout assisted in outreach by acquiring 50 influencers through its marketing platform and social community. Once all 100 influencers confirmed, Jelly sent out a Google Calendar invite that included all deliverables and details for the post on February 17th. Upon activation – all 100 influencers posted their empty plate image, the #feed2feed hashtag, and shared a caption with a description of the MCC Share Your Table program. The 25 influencers running a contest posted additional images of the giveaway. On February 24th, MCC chose a winner for each influencer and sent their prizes. 

The ResultsFollowing the completion of MCC’s Share Your Table Campaign, the numbers spoke for themselves. The estimated reach for the #feed2feed campaign was an astounding 1.3 million people, with a total of 17,500 likes and 2,331 comments. ”I was honored to be part of @mccpeace Share Your Table Campaign because I didn’t know that posting an image of an empty plate could be so powerful! I wanted to include myself in the picture but soon realized that an empty plate says so much more and captures the need to help people that are going hungry all over the world.” stated Yvonna Chow (@glamouraspirit_). The MCC Share Your Table Campaign was more than a #trend on Instagram – it was the connection of one hundred strangers for a meaningful cause. Not only did the campaign generate donations and leads for MCC, but it also raised awareness for the 70 million people who are without sufficient food and shelter, displaced by drought, conflict, flooding, and other disasters. The collaboration between Jelly Marketing, Popcorn Media, and Shopandshout allowed MCC to share this important cause and take a huge step towards its centennial year goals. The Share Your Table Campaign is one of many creative campaigns to come as MCC celebrates its 100th year of responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice.

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