The Top 25 Tumblr Blogs
The Top 25 Blogs
The Top 25 Blogs

As we saw with our look at the top WordPress, Blogger and Typepad blogs recently, my friends at Postrank have been busy crunching some numbers. Their engagement comparison tool allows you to compare and contrast three separate websites based on their engagement scores. The analysis includes sub-dividing engagement by domain, which allowed us to break down the top blogs in the WordPress, Blogger and Typepad platforms.

Here’s a listing of the top 10 blogs based on cumulative Postrank engagement scores (look here to learn what that encompasses) for the last three months. See what you think about what the types of blogs here say about the platform and share them in the comments.. To access more of the lists, you or your developer can apply for and access that data through Postrank’s API.


Screen shots of the Courier Theme for Tumblr on a browser, the iPad and the iPhone.

Top 25 Blogs

Rank Top Blogs Score Author Topic
1 178792 Not Discernible Human interest, humor
2 109132 Not Discernible Web Culture, humor
3 38984 Not Discernible Web Culture, humor
4 27908 Not Discernible Photography, Web Culture
5 21112 Not Discernible Art/Photography
6 20386 Ben Pluimer Personal Blog-Hollywood Producer
7 20189 Group/UGC Humor
8 19053 Dannielle Owens-Reid Humor
9 18521 Not Discernible Gaming/Technology
10 15171 Group/UGC Humor
11 14467 Isaiah Personal Blog/Software Company CEO
12 10878 Group Authors Lifestyle/Media
13 10757 Julia Segal Humor
14 10433 Not Discernible Photography/Art
15 9858 Not Discernible Personal Blog/Raleigh, N.C.
16 9635 Matt Taylor Photography/Art
17 8951 Suicide Blonde Photography/Art
18 8583 Not Discernible Humor
19 8370 Debbie Personal Blog/Photography
20 7309 Group/UGC Humor
21 7041 Konrad Hawro/UGC Inspiration/Photography
22 6967 Mike Lacher/UGC Celebrity/Photography
23 6755 Andrey F Technology/Hacking
24 6755 Linda Personal Blog
25 6755 Not Discernible Brazillian Issues
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