Top 10 Media Training Speakers You Need to Know
Top 10 Media Training Speakers You Need to Know
Top 10 Media Training Speakers You Need to Know

Public speaking has become one of the most popular forms of quick, information-intensive coaching. For those who could do with the help of public speakers who focus on media coaching, here is a list of the best among them.

1. Dan Fowler

Dan Fowler has over two decades of experience as a coach and trainer in media, production, TV, film, and personal development. He helps entrepreneurs use their internal and external resources to develop as better leaders and advance their business successfully.

2. Murray Newlands

Murray is at vet media training, motivational speaker and one of the 50 most influential marketers in the world, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. He can motivate your company and make a corporate event a huge success with his speeches, and teach you how to use all opportunities media offers to promote your brand with his comprehensive media coaching course.

3. Patty Farmer

For those in need of some insight into new business strategies that work, Patty Farmer will help using her marketing expertise and experience as a public speaker and social media strategist. Effective networking, influencing, and empowerment for women entrepreneurs are her focal points.

4. Elizabeth Bachman

Elizabeth Bachman has a background as a coach to stars such as Luciano Pavarotti and is using these years of experience to teach entrepreneurs and public speaking hopefuls what she knows. Public speaking is one of the most effective ways to promote a brand or a business and presentations skills are essential in the business and media world.

5. T. Allen Hanes

A quick way to celebrity status is what T. Allen Hanes offers. He says he can help you become not just an authority on something but an undisputed authority, the leader of the pack. Hanes is not just a speaker, he is also a bestselling book author and a media coach, too.

6. Tony Wilkins

If you have a small business and are just starting your journey in the big world of business, Tony Wilkins is the go-to authority. Author of three books on how small businesses can make it big, Wilkins also hosts a very popular radio show, on which successful entrepreneurs share small business tips, and he also does motivational speeches and lectures across the country.

7. Scott Shilling

A 30-year vet in sales, marketing, and business training, Scott Shilling has a lot of experience and insight to share with new businesses, assisting them with the navigation of today’s challenging environment and helping them leverage their advantages by providing consulting, coaching, and speaking services.

8. Bea Baylor

The founder of Baylor Business Consulting, Bea Baylor offers a comprehensive set of services to companies and non-profits, ranging from speeches to individual coaching sessions with small business and charity owners to help them find the right direction for their business. Empowerment of women entrepreneurs is a separate priority for Baylor Business Consulting.

9. Katrina Sawa

Business strategy, consulting, training, these are some of the things Katrina Sawa offers startups and individual entrepreneurs. Anything from practical everyday tips to developing a full business strategy and media coaching is available from Sawa.

10. Nicky Kriel

For those who want to focus exclusively – or predominantly – on social media exposure, here is Nicky Kriel, a social media coach and speaker. Her course can help you navigate the often seemingly chaotic world of social networks and her speeches can help spread enthusiasm about Twitter, Linkedin and the rest of them.

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