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Tree Frog Social Instagram Growth Service Review
Tree Frog Social Instagram Growth Service Review

Even though we’re way past the heyday of Instagram growth services and many of the well-known operations have either closed their doors or continue to offer a sub-par product with no customer support, we do often receive inquiries about some of the lesser-known services.

One of these services is Tree Frog Social. It’s a provider that first appeared in 2017. It is based in the United States. It’s extremely rare for a service from that era to still be operational. It was surprising to see that they have fast support response times, provide decent results, and still can claim having the cheapest prices in the industry–that’s before you get your first month for $1 with the promo code “TREEFROG1”

More About the Service

Tree Frog appears to be a classic organic growth service that uses follow-unfollow and other methods to grow accounts. Based on the description on their website, they don’t use bots. This is supported by the fact that they have a robust customer support team of US-based employees, so while we can never prove these things, we’re more likely to believe their claims than services based in India.

They don’t promise anything crazy on their website, and all of their pricing plans make sense. All three of the plans, from $30/mo to $55/mo to $75/mo, all are competitively priced. There are plenty of services out there that start their pricing plans at $80 or $100 and probably offer the same thing as Tree Frog.

Tree Frog’s blog can’t be overlooked. They employ a team of US-based writers frequently producing interesting content in the social media space. They aren’t running ads or doing shameless self-promotion, but actually providing articles worth reading. This is rare in the Instagram growth space and it built my confidence in their offerings.

My Experience

I always start by submitting a support request. Not only does Tree Frog have a phone that someone usually picks up, when they missed my call someone texted me back (with a non-automated message!) within minutes apologizing for missing the call. They have a support ticketing system that they used to respond to me in less than one business day.

Signing up for the service, they collect targeting details and a detailed description of your account. If they need to be sent a 6-digit code to approve their log on, they message you with instructions and make it quite clear. I was set up within 48 hours and appreciated the human touch.

Over the first month with the service, there were no major interruptions or action blocks. Though I wasn’t getting thousands of new followers, the actions were indeed consistent. The targeting was solid. For $30 per month, this is a great deal and I am satisfied. It seems that they have a number of safety features including taking a day or two off and changing their hours of operations so as to avoid getting blocks on your account.


When it comes to Instagram growth services, there are very few “review” sites that appear to be independent. Many of the pages are filled with generic content and misleading reviews that are meant to direct you to the few providers that they themselves own. You won’t realize this if you only type “Tree Frog Social Review” and click the first link, but exploring a bit deeper usually makes this clear.

First up, we have the one site that is fairly hard to manipulate: TrustPilot.

Tree Frog has one of the most impressive TrustPilot pages that I’ve seen. Though there are a few negative reviews, every single one of them is responded to in an extremely detailed and believable manner. There is no concerning theme to the negative reviews. Where most other businesses are accused of never responding to support requests or “stealing” from clients, Tree Frog seems to have a large US-based support team that responds extremely quickly and with a lot of detail.

Their responses to complaints are so detailed that they are almost funny to read. They put a lot of time and effort into responding to customers. This translates to a high degree of trustworthiness. It’s worth considering that, as a low-cost provider, they do have to deal with some of the most delusional deal-seeking customers out there.

Even among some of the less reputable “independent” review sites, Tree Frog gets solid reviews. However, these sites never go out of their way to promote Tree Frog or post affiliate links, so it’s unlikely that these are sponsored posts.


Looking through all of the flashy websites and wild claims of competitors, Tree Frog’s dedication to customer service and $1 deal for the first month means the service is pretty much unbeatable. All these years later, it’s still a top provider and it’s hard not to recommend it.

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