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Do You Understand Your Brand DNA?
Do You Understand Your Brand DNA?

Do you know why people love certain brands? Apple. Wal-Mart. Hilton. BMW. Adidas. Because they are consistent. You know you’re going to get the same thing. It might be innovation, price, prestige, convenience, value … but you’re going to get it consistently.

With your digital marketing, it’s imperative to extend that consistency to your audience. BMW can’t deliver luxury or prestige over the Internet, but its content certainly can build on or around those concepts. Your messaging, campaigns and programming through your website, app, social channels and more should feel like your brand.

It’s about understanding your brand’s DNA. This is the core experience your brand delivers to consumers. And it’s hard to pinpoint sometimes because it might be an idea or a feeling, not a tangible thing. Apple fans might say the brand delivers innovation in technology, innovation in design or even a supreme user experience. But for many Apple fans, the brand delivers a feeling of sophistication, of elegance, of style. They feel like a more refined person because they own a Mac.

Social Media Explorer started as an outlet for me to share ideas on the emerging world of social media marketing. Because of my personality and an ill-fated conference I attended in the fall of 2007, it quickly became a flag bearer to stir up the conversation. That attitude led to me co-authoring No Bullshit Social Media.

The DNA of this blog is that of the instigator. The disruptor. We call it like we see it and call those out who aren’t doing it right. That has been the unwritten promise of Social Media Explorer.

Deviating from that Brand DNA would be a mistake.

That’s why I was tickled the first time I chatted with Drew Neisser about taking over control of the site. Not only did he want to know the backstory of SME, but he wanted to build the direction of it around that. Drew gets it. And he gets you. He knows why you’re here. And he plans on delivering on that promise.

And yeah … I’ll be around, too.

So let that serve as an all points bulletin to the snake oil salesmen, self-promotional blowhards and social media douchebags out there. The naysayers and social media skeptics should pay attention, too. Social Media Explorer won’t let you over-promise and under-deliver. It also won’t let you write off a good thing.

SME explores the new with a mindful eye on driving your business. SME analyzes the world with the intent of sharing learning to improve your business. SME holds accountable those who influence businesses about social marketing to protect your business.

It’s in our DNA and our audience demands it.

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