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How to Use Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster Properly:
How to Use Ashley Black’s FasciaBlaster Properly:

Fascia Release for Beauty and Comfort

Many people struggle with visible cellulite
that only seems to get worse over time. It can be frustrating to try a wide
variety of creams, ointments, and exercise to try to get rid of it, only to
find that nothing quite works. One reason so many treatments for cellulite
don’t seem to work is that they don’t address the underlying issue, the fascia.

Fortunately, relief is in sight. For those who
have struggled with trying to get rid of cellulite, or who have chronic muscle
soreness that they cannot relieve, the FasciaBlaster is a tool that they will
want to try. Designed by Ashley Black, an expert on the
fascia systems throughout the body, this product has seen wide acceptance by
those who are looking to reap the benefits of healthier fascia function among
many, many others..

Ashley Black, the Inventor and
Designer of the FasciaBlaster Tool

Fasciology guru, Ashley Black is a fitness and
health expert who has devoted herself to helping people have happier and
healthier lives. Having overcome a number of illnesses in her youth, including
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and infection by bone-eating bacteria, Ashley
Black invested years of research and study to help herself cope with pain for
which the medical industry could not provide a resolution. The idea for
the  Fasciablaster sprung from this
real-life research.

The design for this particular product came
from the work Black did with a man who had survived stage 4 Lymphoma, but who
needed help with pain relief in the aftermath. After dedicated fascia work,
this man, who was himself a supporter of inventors and entrepreneurs, helped
her manufacture the first prototypes for the project in 2012. Ashley Black has
been selling the tools at a rapid rate ever since.

How it Works

Most people are unaware of what fascia is in
the first place, and why it needs to be addressed when treating anything from
muscle soreness, migraines, Plantar’s fascitis, sciatica, scar tissue and
fibromyalgia to unsightly cellulite and Mommy belly.

Essentially, fascia is the connective tissue
that sits between muscle and skin that holds and protects your muscles and
organs.When you pull up fried chicken skin the fascia is the membrane you see
between the skin in the meat.Some call it the ‘soft skeleton’ or the ‘spanx’ of
the human body. While fascia, which is itself made of collagen (makes up the fibrous parts of the fascia, at
), is absolutely necessary for us to live, sometimes it doesn’t
function quite properly and can become overly restrictive. Fascia not only sits
between muscles and skin, it also penetrates the muscles as well as other
structures, like the cobweb-like fascia you see when cutting open a steak or
other meat. 

When fascia is thick, damaged, scarred,
tight,or dysfunctional in any way blood flow to muscles becomes reduced. This
is one major reason many people who are dealing with muscle soreness are really
in need of relief for their tight fascia. There are other side effects of poor
fascia function, including a low range of flexibility, and visible cellulite.
This particular tool is meant to get the fascia working properly again by
remodeling it and addressing the root problem.

Pre-Blasting Prep for Maximum FasciaBlasting Performance

When using this product, it’s ideal to warm up
your muscles before applying any sort of therapy to the fascia. This can be
done through a shower, a session in a sauna, application of a heating pad, or
light exercise. Before you begin to use the tool itself, you will want to spray
BlasterOil over the area that you are about to FasciaBlast. BlasterOil is
essential to the FasciaBlasting process because it gives your skin the proper
consistency needed to allow the blaster tool to glide smoothly over it.. Make
certain that you do not use your hands to spread the oil out over the target
area. Keep your hands oil-free to stay in total control of the FasciaBlaster
tool. Running the tool over the surface of the blasting area will spread out the
oil as needed. You will then want to run the tool up and down over whichever
area of the body you would like for about three to five minutes per area like
scrubbing on a washboard. Afterward, you may want to give these areas a light
massage. Make sure that you are drinking lots of water, as well.

The Blaster Oil and AfterBlaster Cream

formulas are packed with scientifically proven ingredients. Since Ashley lives
at the beach and is a surfer, the smell reflects that, with the essence of
coconut, lavender and a beautiful breeze smell.

Blaster Oil®

The Blaster Oil’s® thickness is ideal for the
FasciaBlaster to easily glide on the skin, without absorbing too quickly. The
spray nozzle allows you to have dry hands to grip your Fasciablaster tools.


The Afterblaster CreamTM is light and airy and
absorbs quickly allowing you to oil, blast, cream and go. The AfterBlaster
CreamTM is chocked full of amazing complementary ingredients and one special
ingredient that is backed by our love for science.

Safe during Fascia Therapy

The FasciaBlaster tool was designed for
everyday use by people with no prior skill or understanding of the tool, so
using it in the recommended way and trying it on a test patch will ensure your
safety. If you have pre-existing conditions, make sure to check with a doctor
as see if myofascial release is for you. The proper way to use the
FasciaBlaster tools are found here
While this tool can be used for anything from relieving sore muscles to
diminishing cellulite, you will want to make sure that you are using it
correctly to derive the greatest benefit from it.

Beginners! Try This YouTube Video on for Size
FasciaBlasting 101 – how to use the

When it comes to proper use of this self-use
tool, pay particularly close attention to the amount of pressure that you apply
(especially if you are a beginner). Your FasciaBlasting movements should stay
light and brisk at first and as the fascia tissue begins to open up. You can
begin to apply ever so slightly more pressure as your body can tolerate it over
time.  As the fascia begins to soften,
you will feel harder areas,or areas that feel like gravel that you will want to
work your way up to blasting with more pressure for efficacy. Even though it’s
tempting, DO NOT START off FasciaBlasting with full deep vigorous pressure.

Use a Light and Brisk motion to begin and
slowly work your way into the application of more pressure only AFTER you know
your body is ready to tolerate the uptick. If the blasting process begins to
hurt in an uncomfortable way as you apply more pressure, STOP. Go back to light
and brisk and you will (I Promise You) work your way back to that much
pressure, but in a time when your fascia and your body is prepared for it.

The claws on each of your fasciablaster
devices are designed for releasing and smoothing the fascia layer of tissue
protecting your muscles first, and then move into the myo-fascia aka fascia
inside the muscles. This is why it’s so important to restore the tissue layer
by layer, a little bit at a time.

You remember the old adage: Slow and Steady
Wins the Race. This could not be truer about your FasciaBlasting technique and
the manipulation of the fascia.


The self-massage tool will only go and do what
you tell it to do. So, stay in control of your pressure and speed and be the
owner of your blasting sessions. You are the only one who can help or hurt you,
so listen to your body and its natural reactions to your fasciablasting. Your
body will tell you exactly what it needs and together, your body and the
FasciaBlaster can steadily, yet very productively relieve you of pain, soften
the appearance of cellulite, decrease inflammation in your body, increase your
metabolism, improve your collagen remodeling, and decrease subcutaneous fat
with every FasciaBlasting session you take.

Take into account that because of the deep
massage that your muscles will be getting, you will be increasing the blood
flow to the areas you are FasciaBlasting. 
Increased blood flow to an area that was restricted can result in
bruising after your sessions with this self-use massage tool. If this happens,
there is no need to panic. Healing bruises are part of the tissue healing
process and are expected as part of FasciaBlasting. The amount of bruising will
depend on how bad the tissue is to start with and how aggressive you choose to
blast. Bruises are expected to  clear up
within a few days and are nothing to worry about. In the event that your
bruising is staying for longer periods of time, use the tool with a MUCH  lighter touch (Do not apply as much pressure
as before.) in the future. The most important thing is to listen to your own
body and to not rush yourself whenever you are using a new fitness tool in your
daily regimen.

and Ashley Black Guru Reviewed

Customer Reviews for the FasciaBlaster for the
device have been widely positive. Even though a lot of people who have
purchased FasciaBlaster tools bought it for cellulite, people have used it for
everything from hair growth to wrinkles, back pain, acne scars, and even
treating their pets with wide-spread success. Check out
to gather some insight from others just like yourself that have already seen
great success with their FasciaBlaster tools.

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The real reason to trust what the FasciaBlaster can do is because of the way the inventor and designer herself used the product successfully. Ashley Black has both overcome her own illnesses and her battles with varying levels of constant pain all over her body by successfully employing the FasciaBlaster and the proper techniques consistently for long periods of time.

Now, Ashley Black has become Ashley Black Guru and knows that it is her life’s calling to help others find similar relief with the FasciaBlaster tools and her wealth of knowledge about fascia first hand. Ashley Black was  in such high demand not just by people dealing with cellulite issues, but with many professional athletes (a number of players from the New York Yankees  among other MLB organizations) Hollywood’s elite, Royals and billionaires trying to find relief from all types of injuries and performance issues. Her demand was much higher than her supply, so she invented the FasciaBlaster with the intention of having her clients help themselves.

Then, with the epic results from everyday users, the FasicaBlaster craze began and Ashley now devotes herself full time to the Fascia movement and training people to take care of themselves.  With such a varied and exciting and massive fan base of successful Fascia Blasters, there is no doubt that the FasciaBlaster and Ashley Black are doing something right and we should all try it for ourselves. And if over a million fans weren’t enough, there is even a peer reviewed and published study in a medical journal about the FasciaBlaster tools that proves what Ashley Black has been preaching for over a decade.

Who knows what amazing things might happen to your body after a few months of consistent fasciablasting?

In recent and exciting news out of the Ashley Black Guru camp, the U.S.A.’s premier business awards program, the American Business Awards honored Ashley with the highest honor given throughout the year by the prestigious platform. Ashley received 2020 American Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year – Health Products and Services. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible for nominations – public and private, for-profit and nonprofit, large and small. More than 3,600 nominations from top organizations in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories.

Ashley Black also saw the overdue release of her 2018 TED Talk, How Cellulite Saved My Life. Ashley gave her talk during a day-long TEDx event in Chicago. Ashley was one of a short list of powerful and influential women from every walk of life that were all asked to bring their knowledge to the TED platform that day.  Ashley spoke about her decades of research on fascia manipulation and reported the peer-reviewed and scientifically-backed conclusions that fascia manipulation reduces systemic inflammation and reduces pain in all parts of the body, it calms the appearance of cellulite to almost nothing, it regenerates fascia connective tissue (the only non-invasive treatment to do so in history),it speeds your metabolic rate,  along with a host of other positive and healthy effects that it has on our bodies.  To watch Ashley’s TED Talk, click on the link below to find the video on YouTube. 

Ashley Black Speaks to ideas of fascia manipulation and cellulite transformation to almost nothing.

This self-massage tool has already been a huge
help to hundreds of thousands across the world and I know that if you take the
proper steps to use the tool correctly while listening to your body and its
response, you can experience all of the wonders of Ashley
Black’s FasciaBlaster
for yourself.

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