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Enhancing Engagement On Social Platforms
Enhancing Engagement On Social Platforms

Social platforms have become more of a crowded and noisy place to attempt to spread awareness. What makes the most significant difference to spreading awareness is focusing on increasing the level of engagement with those following you. Fostering engagement can seem like a challenging task. Let’s break down social engagement so you can boost your engagement and find higher levels of success by doing so. 

Engagement is what matters

Engagement on social platforms is no doubt the most critical aspect for any business brand or personal brand. Merely posting content hoping it sparks engagement is not enough. Gary Vaynerchuk said it best. “The number of followers you have means nothing if you can’t build a community of like-minded people who care and engage.” Engagement is what truly matters and sets those who find success with their online social interactions apart from those who don’t. It’s not the content that matters; it’s the conversation that builds the community.

Engagement is created by sparking conversation

When it comes to creating engagement, it’s not much different from having engaging relationships in the physical world. As Gary Vee says, “The only real way to do this from scratch is to become part of the conversation. You need to participate and engage with people who have the same interests as you.” While sounding extremely simple, these two sentences are a clear blueprint to follow. Beyond this, there are two different strategies to apply. One for strengthening engagement with those following you, and another for creating engagement with those not yet following you. You must create conversation and become a part of conversations already going on.

The best way to strengthen engagement with those already following you

To strengthen engagement with those already following you, you must spark the conversation. The best way by far to do so is by posing a question in your post. It is no different from attempting to have a more engaging conversation with someone in your life. The proven way to do so is by asking questions surrounding their interests. By listening and letting them open up about what matters to them, they become more engaged as a whole. 

There is one caveat when it comes to social engagement versus engagement in a standard conversation. The question should be relevant to what you are looking to increase engagement surrounding. It would be best if you were thinking more in terms of the community as a whole rather than someone’s personal interests. Also, ensure the question posed to increase engagement pertains to your brand.

The best way to create new engagement with those yet to follow you

When it comes to creating new engagement that in turn increases your following, you still must spark the conversation. It just must be done differently. The best way to do so is by answering questions posed by others. The reason they pose a question is that they are seeking an answer, and they are likely not the only ones. This means you can ignite the engagement they’re looking for. 

Again, Gary Vee has guidance on how to do so. He calls it his $1.80 strategy, and the value it provides goes far beyond that number. What you do is focus on finding accounts in which you can provide value by engaging with. You leave your two-cents regarding the matter on nine different accounts. If done ten different times throughout the day as Gary does, this adds up to his figure of $1.80. With time, this creates an incredible community.

Automatically Increase Engagement With The New Social Platform CrowdQuestion

With the understanding of engagement being crucial along with how to increase and create it, there’s a new social platform I find very intriguing. The whole basis of the platform encompasses engagement. Literally, by using the platform, you are creating and increasing engagement.

CrowdQuestion focuses on enhancing conversation to bring everyone closer to their community. The essence of their feed is to pose questions to those following you as well as answer their questions. You can ask your Crowd of followers questions, answer questions your Crowd poses, and send announcements to spark new conversation using the Rich-Text/HTML editor and many embeddable integrations. 

Engagement is not only strengthened through the platform but also created. Every question you pose a member of your Crowd answers is shared on the feed of everyone else following the person who answered the question. Every answer you make is also spread throughout everyone’s feed who follows you and the person who posed the question. This creates exponential engagement that expedites the whole process discussed.

Why CrowdQuestion Is An Engagement Gamechanger

Engagement is what makes or breaks your ability to gain awareness in our crazy online social world. You could go through the process of following the steps previously described and implement Gary’s strategy, or you could simply start using a new social platform. The choice is yours. 

To create engagement, you must spark conversation. The best way to strengthen engagement with your followers is to pose questions. The best way to create new engagement is by sharing your two cents with those looking for an answer. With content as opposed to communication being at the forefront of Facebook, Instagram, and even now Twitter, this process becomes more daunting. With CrowdQuestion, you can trust you increase engagement with every interaction made. 

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