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Hamed Wardak And Valen Of Wicked: A Dual Identity
Hamed Wardak And Valen Of Wicked: A Dual Identity

Hamed Wardak grew up a gifted child who showed promise of a unique intellectual prowess at a very early age. With a short and varied professional life behind him, Hamed Wardak has not only demonstrated intellectual courage, but chameleon-like agility of thought combined with a focused, creative approach to his professional assignments that commonly places Hamed one step ahead of the curve.

When Success Is Engrained From the Beginning

Hamed Wardak was born the son of Defense Minister Abdul Rahim Wardak in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977. He spent the better portion of his developmental years between Pakistan and the United States.

Hamed Wardak graduated valedictorian of his class at Georgetown University in 1997, earning a degree in Government and Political Theory. Hamed Wardak was also the first student from Georgetown University to receive the prestigious and historic Rhodes Scholarship upon graduating.

Following his reliable educational performance in the United States, Hamed Wardak immediately return to his native land of Afghanistan to help those that were in need during the Afghan Civil War. After fighting the good fight for his country’s freedoms, Wardak promptly returned to the USA and positioned himself quickly as a business leader with global reach working for corporate heavyweights like Merrill Lynch and Technologists Inc. Technologists, Inc. acted as a social architect and contractor for the United States Government, constructing and sustaining business development endeavors in connection with the US Department of Defense and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Under Hamed Wardak’s authority, Technologists, Inc. generated $44 million in design and manufactured numerous international deals to benefit Afghanistan.

The Entrepreneurialism of Hamed Wardak

Absorbing many lessons from the corporate world, Wardak saw a creative adventure at his fingertips. Taking a sharp right turn from the corporate monologue, Wardak embraced his entrepreneurial readiness and moved on to create his clothing line, Ludas Athletics, specializing in athletic apparel. Hamed Wardak spent his days planting and watering the seeds of his growing business, but when the entrepreneur finished at the office for the day, Hamed Wardak did not quit there. Wardak picked up his socially-attuned pen and began moonlighting as a contributing editor for The Huffington Post.

Undercover Philanthropy

Furthermore, Ludas Athletics was not your run of the mill apparel brand. Hamed Wardak strategically built and used his new business as a platform to raise global awareness of many philanthropic efforts that Wardak had begun to work and fight for from a very early age. Hamed Wardak became an instrument of change for the refugee population of the world, devoting not only his time and innovative ideas to their plight but by reserving Ludas Athletics profits for the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

As far as philanthropy is concerned, Wardak assists in easing the lives of suffering refugees displaced from their homeland just as he was at a young age. Wardak also devotes a portion of every week developing educational opportunities for the underprivileged and underserved youth across the globe. This charitable work consistently colors and refocuses Wardak, driving him to make the life-altering professional choices that he has made.

When asked how to build a successful business, Hamed Wardak emphasizes that it is critical to find the best possible talent, no matter the enterprise. Moreover, he believes the best possible talent should come equipped with a giving heart ready to work hard in pursuit of both professional and philanthropic achievements. Wardak believes many young people are moving into the professional workforce today who have an army of highly-developed skills and a giving, empathetic nature. Still, employers do not always take the time or make an effort to seek them out.

What Keeps Hamed Wardak Motivated?

So much success at such an early age begs the question: How does Hamad Wardak keep himself motivated? He says that doing well comes, in part, from feeling well and taking good care of oneself both physically and from an emotional perspective. He follows a strict physical regimen that includes early morning sessions at the gym that can run up to three hours or more. Wardak also uses his passion for his work, the techno/electronica music that Valen of Wicked creates every day to energize and excite him.

Who is Valen of Wicked?

Today, Hamad Wardak produces cutting-edge and culturally-focused techno music. The name of his performance alias is Valen of Wicked. Valen of Wicked’s musical landscape is raw yet painstakingly-created, angry yet thought-provoking, and full of the passion that fuels its creator. “Valen” symbolizes the honor and courage of Wardak’s character forged by the many challenges he has overcome in lif0e thus far. “Wicked” taps into the darkness rooted inside all of us. In the case of Hamed Wardak or Valen of Wicked, this darkness begins to shine as he channels it into a mesmerizingly authentic musical supply that can be heard throughout the world in techno music venues from New York City to Rio, from Ibiza to Hong Kong.

Creating high-quality electronic music takes a broad skill set and a significant amount of discipline. Hamed Wardak infuses those qualities along with fastidious self-control and hungry determination that helped him succeed in the business pursuits of his early years directly into his musical endeavors. With a youthful mastery of the software applications, sound production technique, and a deep understanding of the techno music panorama, Hamed Wardak, now Valen of Wicked, is, once again, has set himself ahead of the curve. Hamed’s hard work and focus are paving the way for Wicked to quickly becoming a staple within the electronic and international music niche.

Meaning and enthusiasm

There are purpose and meaning behind the music created by Valen of Wicked. Wardak sees music as being key to communication between different cultures, and, when he mixes down the right beats, he is speaking a universal language. Additionally, Hamed Wardak believes that music can be an intricate part of any individual’s healing process, whether their pain is physical, spiritual, or a mixed hybrid. Valen of Wicked isn’t about merely entertaining; it’s about bringing people together and sustaining the soul.

The Hamed Wardak Blog

Hamed Wardak’s newest pet project is a blog space that he only took on recently. Hamed Wardak Speaks, or The Hamed Wardak Blog focuses mainly on his new musical craft. Hamed and his team of writers curate all of the content on the site. The blog focuses on a unique and ever-changing electronica sound from every region of the globe. Wardak keeps a close eye on the present techno beat and how that is displaying itself.

There is a new entry on Wardaks’ blog about the Iceland Airwaves Festival. Icelanders hold this annual event in Reykjavik and have since 1999.

Iceland is a country with a population of only 350,000, so it may seem like an unusual place for an event that attracts the very latest and dynamic of the techno world, but that is the case. The country has a history of musical activism that dates back to the 1980s when alternative Icelandic acts like the Sugarcubes protested corporate destruction of the environment in the name of profit, imperialism, and social inequalities through groundbreaking art.

Currently, there is tremendous unease in Iceland as traditional industries such as fishing and agriculture are losing jobs to automation. There is also a spirit of hope that the country can persevere through this time of change by focusing on attracting more tourists to their beautiful country.

The Iceland Airwaves Festival stands as a central symbol of this national resilience, and it is attracting more and more visitors from outside the country, especially from Europe and the United States. Visitors come to the festival to hear techno acts and find themselves attracted to the rugged beauty of Iceland’s rugged landscape. The Reykjavik local government works with the festival’s organizers to create the best possible experience for all.

When Will We See Valen of Wicked on Stage in Reykjavik

Perhaps very soon, Valen of Wicked will get his chance to pay homage to this great country’s fight for their homeland. Hamed Wardak certainly knows a thing or two about that specifically harrowing fight.

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