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Hughes Marino Details How To Get the Most Out of Your Work Space
Hughes Marino Details How To Get the Most Out of Your Work Space

Hughes Marino is a corporate tenant representation and advisory firm dedicated to helping companies, the occupiers of space, with their commercial realty needs, rather than representing landlords. The team behind the San Diego-headquartered national enterprise says as the work-from-home trend shifts back to offices across the country, adding some personalized touches can make all the difference in welcoming your team back to the workplace. 

Hughes Marino’s team suggests filling sitting areas with plush couches and adding meaningful accents such as coffee-table books and artwork that reflect a brand’s vibe. Fresh flowers are another room rejuvenator Hughes Marino has sprinkled throughout its offices, and an easy way to brighten and freshen up any work space. 

Indoor greenery may also enhance creative performance, according to a study by the University of Munich and the University of Rochester.

Hughes Marino interior design director Kristin Christensen advises any company looking to revamp its work space should do a “needs assessment,” which includes sketches and 2D and 3D concepts. “A lot of thought and inspiration goes into a quality design,” Christensen explains. “Business owners across the country and around the world are coming to realize the value a spirited and functional design brings to their organization, team members, and clients.”

While she adds that there are endless possibilities on how an office can be transformed, it’s crucial to stick with a color palette, lighting, and fabrics that mesh well with the company. “One of my favorite phases of a project is the way our team is always up for the challenge to reflect a company’s culture and brand,” she says. 

Since offices can often serve as a home away from home, Christensen emphasizes the importance of staying away from cubicles and keeping an open mind with that open floor plan. 

Hughes Marino offers planning and design services as well as space utilization planning, test furniture fits, and a full analysis of how space is being used and if it’s being optimized. 

Hughes Marino: Making Scents of a Work Space

Hughes Marino leadership recommends adding clean, bold scents via diffusers to an office to boost the senses and lower stress levels. In-office aromatherapy can energize team members and promote better health, according to Hughes Marino’s team suggests citrusy scents to recharge a working atmosphere. 

Displaying personal photos is another way to get the most out of a workspace, according to the Hughes Marino team. Throughout its offices in cities including San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver, Hughes Marino features images of team members’ spouses, children, parents, friends, and pets to maintain a touch of home. 

Curb Midday Snack Attacks With Healthy Options

Gone are the days of sugary afternoon coffees and morning doughnuts. Hughes Marino keeps nutritious snacks stocked in its gourmet kitchens to provide the right fuel for team members craving a bite during a productive day. Hughes Marino also has groceries delivered each week and team members also have dual espresso machines for a caffeine boost. 

When it comes to the proper placement of an office kitchen, leadership says building it front and center and keeping it immaculate will make a memorable (and welcoming) first impression on office visitors. 

Hughes Marino Suggests Selecting a Space That Reflects Company Culture

Company culture and core values remain a key facet of the Hughes Marino mission. The tenant representation company advises choosing a corporate work space where the brand could envision growth and alignment with company values. Throughout its offices, the decor reflects the flavor of the host city. For example, a giant art piece of Ghirardelli chocolate adorns a wall in its San Francisco offices. The whimsical wall candy by artist Gary Polonsky sits at the entrance to the office kitchen. 

Lift Office Morale With an On-Premises Gym

Forbes reports that 87% of workers want their current employer to offer healthier work space benefits. Hughes Marino provides a state-of-the-art gym at its San Diego headquarters, along with gym services at its other high-rise offices, and encourages team members to maintain healthy minds and bodies.

Get Your Game On

Hughes Marino not only recommends investing in open collaborative space areas, but adding a fun factor with gaming options such as a pool table or vintage video game machines. It comes back to the firm’s core value of “enjoying the journey.” The company aims to promote as much fun and camaraderie as possible daily and organizes various team-building activities from shuffleboard to ballgame outings. 

Evaluate the Current Space

If a company runs out of office space, Senior Vice President Scot Ginsburg recommends weighing the options. “As a rule of thumb, office tenants generally budget 250 square feet per person and biotech companies budget 250 to 300 square feet per person,” Ginsburg says. 

He says that businesses in need of expansion space to satisfy their growth spurts should contemplate comparing alternative market options and consider subleasing.

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