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TikTok Search: Explore & Discover All The Latest Trends
TikTok Search: Explore & Discover All The Latest Trends

Unless you’ve been offline for the past few months, you know that video app Tiktok is the newest, fastest-growing trend in social media. While it certainly began as a music app aimed at teenagers, it has quickly become a valuable tool for business owners, influencers, and brands. 

You can certainly create original content on your own, but the key to becoming popular on Tiktok and using the app to its full potential is by following along with and participating in the various trends that emerge on the app. Let’s take a look at those trends and how you can stay on top of them.

TikTok’s Latest Trends (And How To Find Them)

There are plenty of trends on the Tiktok app, and we’re going to address a few of them here. It’s important to remember that using Tiktok for business is going to be different than using it “just for fun,” as it is with any social media platform. Your strategy will need to contain both videos that teach and convey important information and fun, trending videos that attract new followers. Here are three of the biggest Tiktok trends you can use for your business.

TikTok Influencers

As with any social media platform, influencers are becoming incredibly popular and present on Tiktok. They’re typically the leaders of the trends, or they’re quick to pick up on them. So, if you’re trying to find the newest trend as soon as it becomes popular, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the most popular and relevant Tiktok influencers.

Tiktok influencers can also be great partners, just like influencers on other platforms. If you can find the right influencer whose mission and audience are aligned with your brand, you can create a partnership to get your product, brand or service in front of their audience. Tiktok is an easy app to get lost in though, so in order to simplify your Tiktok search, use a tool like Influence Grid to find the perfect influencers for your campaign.

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Influence Grid is a Tiktok search engine where you can filter through their database of Tiktok influencers to find the perfect person or people for your brand to work with on a campaign. You can filter by location, and niche. Beyond that, you can set the follower count you want an influencer to have. While it can be tempting to go with the biggest following, it’s important to remember, though, that just like on other platforms, micro-influencers who have smaller followings are also great options. Influencers with smaller audiences often have a stronger relationship with them and are more trusted by their followers.

In Influence Grid, you can also set parameters for an influencer’s median video views, so you can increase the chances that the video they make with your brand will actually be seen. Large follower counts aren’t important if the followers aren’t actually watching videos! Then, you can also set more specific options, like whether or not the user is verified, has a YouTube channel, an Instagram account or an email. Finally, you can also search by keyword to find the best possible influencer to mesh with your brand.

TikTok Hashtags And Challenges

So now that you know how to find and partner with influencers, let’s talk about some trends you can use when creating videos for your own Tiktok page. Because the platform is still fairly new, hashtags are incredibly useful on Tiktok. By using them intelligently, you can categorize your content well. The algorithm will take over from there to ensure that the best possible users are shown your videos.

Hashtags on Tiktok work the same way that they do on Instagram, so make sure you’re using relevant tags that make sense with your post. This leads us to the next trend: challenges. Chances are you’ve heard of the #fliptheswitch challenge that became popular back in March of this year. 

If you take the time to create a video that goes along with a particular challenge, make sure you use the corresponding hashtag so you can take advantage of the social conversation. Other hashtags you’ll see used often are #fyp and #foryoupage. Tiktok calls its explore page the For You Page, and this is where the algorithm will show you videos it thinks you’ll like. 

When it comes to challenges, it’s important to consider if it’s something that aligns with your brand. Chances are your first instinct will be to say no, but take a moment to really consider it. After all, Tiktok is a new platform that thrives on challenges and re-created videos. Maybe you can find a new avenue for creativity in your company through Tiktok.

Hashtags and challenges are the best ways for your page to gain visibility. As with most platforms, when more people see your videos, the algorithm will begin to show your videos to more people. Publishing a challenge video, like the #Savage challenge, can bring new viewers to your page, where they’ll come to know your brand and hopefully follow.

Find Trending Songs

Because Tiktok is a dance- and music-based app, trending songs are also an important part of a successful strategy on the platform. The most common way to do this is by scrolling through your For You Page, as the algorithm will be showing you some of the most popular videos right now.

However, if you took our earlier advice and followed TikTok influencers, you can also go to your Following page to see what the influencers you’re following are posting. From there, you can click the small spinning circle in the bottom right corner of the video. That will take you to a page that shows all of the videos that were created using that audio. This is a great way to see which songs are trending.

Many users will do just that. When they find a song or audio clip that they like, they’ll want to see what other videos were created using that same clip. So, they click through to see the rest of the videos. If you create a video using a popular song, you can increase the chances that your video will be seen.

Searching TikTok Trends

With these three strategies, you can get started with Tiktok search to find and stay up-to-date on all of the latest trends. Now, for one final piece of Tiktok advice: have fun with it! Create some good, branded content that your followers will get real value from, and then also create some fun, challenge-based videos, too!

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